Republican Leaders Bring Down O’Reilly’s Ratings?


I had a high school teacher who had a saying:

“When in danger, when in doubt, run and circles, scream and shot.”

Well, that’s the way conservatives who are not all that much interested in helping the GOP right now as destroying it, are acting.

Beware Angry Elephants

They are lamenting the lack of leadership, while providing only criticism and complaints themselves, proving THEY are truly no the leaders we need.  Indeed, if a good GOP leader were to step out in front of them, they’d be so busy flapping their mouths and complaining about him/her that Sarah Palin wouldn’t have a chance.

It’s bad enough that the liberals have a concerted effort aimed at destroying Sarah Palin.  We don’t need NON – REPUBLICAN conservatives doing the same thing.  Currently they are madly in love with Mark Sanford, who is the GOP version of Barack Obama.

The future of the GOP is in the very capable hands of Sarah Palin, don’t ya’ know, but the problems is our dear conservatives are about as generous with her as are the liberals.

There Is Nothing More Protective Than a Mommy Elephant
There Is Nothing More Protective Than a Mommy Elephant

Just 4 short years ago there were those who were burying the DNC the same way – and the very same people – who  are out to sink the GOP. Just 4 years ago, Tim Cavanaugh wrote the following in Reason:

“…What the party needs may not be George Soros but Warren Buffett—somebody who can recognize value in the undervalued. More important, it needs to test its product in the market. I don’t claim to know what kind of party would emerge from a period in the wilderness,…But the issue isn’t whether the DNC decides to upgrade the New Deal for the digital age, or reinvents itself entirely as the party of small government,… It isn’t that there’s no answer; it’s that Harry Reid and the in denial Nancy Pelosi are not the sort of people to start asking the question….There are many today who claim that Barack Obama is the party’s future. I wish the Prairie State’s junior senator well, and it would certainly be fun to pronounce, in a portentous John Facenda voice, that “the future rests on the shoulders of a skinny kid with a funny name.” But this is pretty thin soup. Obama’s sales pitch is that he’s handsome, he’s got an intriguingly multi-cultural background, he served competently in state government, he ran for Congress in 2000 (and lost, quite a feat for a Democrat in Illinois), and he managed to beat Alan Keyes in an election. The Democrats didn’t anoint Obama because he was a visionary but because he was a shoo-in….”

Right now the GOP has nothing to fear from Barack Obama or the Dems.  The real problem happens to be far right conservative talking heads who absolutely delight in denigrating the GOP. They are basically trying to bury the GOP – to destroy it.  Then they want to re-make it in their own LOSING image of ideological purity. If we weren’t in such a critical place in our nation’s history, it would be laughable.  The truly tragic thing is the fact that these people should have the good sense to comprehend we are all in this fight together.

But then, again, if they had been behaving themselves, we wouldn’t be in this condition. We would probably still have a GOP majority in at least one of the Houses of Congress. I am still not convinced these twerps who refused to vote for John McCain last November aren’t the jerks responsible for The One (incompetent)’s win.

I have never been do discouraged as I was the other night listening to O’Reilly.  He has done nothing but denigrate and degrade the Republican Party.  The man is in the middle of a serious man-crush on Obama, but he can say how bad Republicans are?

Evidently the problem with O’Reilly, and why we’re getting nothing but far righ extremism is because Republicans lower his ratings.

O’Reilly wants charismatic Republican leadership.  The problem is, once we get good GOP leaders, he is among the top talking heads who line up to destroy them.  The real problem is the fact that we are dealing with “conservatives” who ARE NOT Republican.

NOTE TO BILL:  Hitler was charismatic, along with BHO, Jim Jones, Charley Manson.  There is more to life than charismatic.  Maybe, if you, Sean, Michelle, Glenn, Laura, etc. would STOP trying to destroy every decent Republican leader, and shred them for being dull and not 100% ideologically pure we might be getting somewhere.  BUT – that’ll be the day.

Dedicated to the Far Right!

There are some out there like AJ Strata and LFG where there is enough brain power to realize that there is one huge difference between CONSERVATIVE and REPUBLICAN.  Then Sean Hannity has the nerve to dictate terms to the GOP and tell US how to do things when he doesn’t have the intellectual honesty to be a member of any party.  Right now I don’t care if I agree with 90% of what he is saying.  The bottom line is the fact that right now conservatives how truly have no business telling us what to do are the ones making so much trouble.

One of the worst examples is Robert Stacey McCain.  Rick Moran has a post up that basically atta-boys McCain’s hit on the GOP.  As long as conservatives and Republicans allow known racists like McCain to call the shots, and give them credibility, they are lying down with dogs.

“…For a paper with a loyal readership on Capitol Hill, the story, written by Assistant National Editor Robert Stacy McCain, was nicely timed for maximum impact. But despite the headline, it did not detail a Democratic effort to outlaw Dixie-loving.

Instead, it described a growing resistance to Confederate displays and symbols as seen through the eyes of six experts, five of them arch-conservatives with well-established neo-Confederate sympathies. An NAACP representative was also quoted, deep in McCain’s story, but his comments were immediately rebutted by Charles Lunsford (see Hate and Heritage), the neo-Confederate activist who coined the phrase, “heritage, not hate,” and by leftist-turned-rightist David Horowitz (see Center for the Study of Popular Culture, in Into the Mainstream), who called the NAACP “a defamation and shakedown organization.”

Casual readers of The Washington Times might well have been puzzled. Why would a major daily newspaper — one that bills itself as “America’s Newspaper,” no less — turn the Ashcroft controversy into a battle over loving Dixie? And why would it showcase a story so heavily slanted toward neo-Confederate opinions on race and heritage?

For devoted readers of the Times — a group that includes many of the nation’s leading conservative politicians, journalists and think-tankers — McCain’s story was old hat. These readers know the Times loves to stir controversy with headlines and stories so provocative that other media outlets can’t resist repeating them. They know the Times is the only major American newspaper that still features a weekly Civil War page. They know the Times has become a reliable source for extremist views on race, religion, immigration and Dixie….”

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