Obama Derangement Syndrome


I thought we (the right) learned our lesson after the way George W. Bush was so horribly treated by the left, but then the far right detested GWB as much as did the left.  I find it fascinating that the usual suspects – Bush-Haters all – are the conservatives (non Republican) who are determined to denigrate Barack Obama over the rescue of Captain Phillips.

Mark Levin has come up with their talking points. Barack Obama had to sign a “legal” document before the Seals could do their thing.


Now these same conservatives are complaining that Obama was the one who authorized the hit.  I don’t like Barack Obama.  I think he is an incompetent fool, but right now he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.  Frankly, I think the usual conservative sources are being petty, malicious, and are harming their own credibility.

Yes, I do care that he signed “off” on the hit. He’s the Commander in Chief for gosh sake.  Isn’t that what they are alleged to do?  Sorry, this is one time when I want a little adult supervision – not that Obama is an “adult”.  He reminds me or Richie Rich playing CEO, but that’s another rant for another day.

Right now – give the man credit for a job well done.  And – give him credit for having the you know what to authorize the hit.  If it had failed, EVERYONE would be criticizing him for that.

The worst of it is this ongoing conservative group think. Can’t these people think independently of one another? They’re as bad as a bunch of sissy liberals.


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  1. Isn’t this a website devoted those suffering from ‘Conservative Derangement Sydrome’?

    Have you no sense of irony at all?

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