Tea for Two Thousand? Sorry, Not Interested


Something about the whole Tea Party thing bothers me.  Perhaps it is the fact that it is “non-partisan” and not Republican.  Maybe it is the fact that we are dealing with group-think, protests, and mobs.  I don’t like any of those options.

There are things about the Tea Parties that concern me, primarily that the argument seems to be against Barack Obama, and (at least locally) is ignoring the duplicity of our local members of the House and Senate.

I don’t know about you, but I am fully aware that funding comes out of the House Appropriations Committee.  While the POTUS can put in a funding request and budget, the POTUS gets NOTHING without the approval of the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

GET IT – If you want to do something constructive, hit the elected officials who are not representing you – and who are responsible for the spending.  Frankly, never in my life have I felt so ill-represented now that Harry Teague is representing the 2nd District here in NM.

I still feel this is more libertarian than GOP.


2 thoughts on “Tea for Two Thousand? Sorry, Not Interested

  1. I completely agree with your suspicions, Ms. Flamingo. I won’t lift a cup until I understand who I’m sipping with. Today in the car I listened to local radio — a dimwitted man/woman duo who mainly recycle what they heard yesterday on Rush, Levin, and Hannity. So today they were promoting a tea party close to me at Veterans Park in Hoover. They said Sen. Richard Shelby will be attending. They yammered a little bit about taxes in a vague and uninspired way. Then they got to the meat… you guessed it: IMMIGRATION. Fabulous. Can’t get enough of that topic. If I was half the woman my mother thinks I am I’d take my video cam down there tomorrow night. But I’ve grown old and weary these past four years. Plus, my cuticles need clipping. I’ll let the crackers crack without me while I relax and watch Idol.

    Yep, a chaotic collection of malcontents is my prediction. And if I am wrong I will gladly, happily admit error and join the fracas.

  2. Just wait – it gets worse. Stormfront, the neo-Nazis, and the CofCC are all planning to be at events nationwide. I’m glad I’m staying home! It’s called far right hate.


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