The Pathetic Left and Their Pathetic Little Requirements


The Obama family is living proof that liberals who live by their politically correct rules, will also “perish” by them.

“…The choice of a Portie raised one complication: The Obamas have long said they wanted a rescue dog. But the carefully bred Porties almost never end up in shelters. Bo had been living with another family but it wasn’t a good fit, so the Kennedys acquired him for the Obama…”

Case in point…!


Stupid is as stupid does – and liberal pandering is soooooo stupid.

Animal activists are now angry with the Obamas for not choosing a “pound puppy”.  Lord have mercy!  There is nothing wrong with a rescue dog, but people have a right to have a puppy once in awhile.

“…Obama publicly promised his daughters a puppy on Election Night, later saying the family hoped to adopt a low-shedding rescue dog because of Malia’s allergies. While the Portuguese water dog fulfills the hypoallergenic coat requirement, it’s debatable as to whether Bo meets the definition of a second-chance pet. The puppy was purchased from a breeder and then given back to the kennel soon after the Obamas expressed interest in a Portuguese water dog, a source familiar with the adoption said. While Bo is technically a re-homed dog, the seemingly orchestrated return may lead some to question whether the First Family violated the spirit of its initial promise. The president and first lady reportedly plan to make a donation to the District of Columbia Humane Society in an effort to underscore their continued support of the organization and their original intentions. “Clearly our best hope was that he (the president) would go to a shelter or a breed-rescue group,” said Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States. “He didn’t do that, but he also didn’t go to a pet store or puppy mill either. It’s a gray area…”

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of the constant demands from animal rights people to spay and neuter. If we listen to them there will be no pure bred dogs or cats.  In fact, I don’t think they even love animals.  If you follow their instructions, eventually we will have no dogs or cats.  In fact, there are already reports of kitten shortages in certain parts of California.

There is nothing wrong with pure bred dogs and cats.  There is nothing wrong with Mommy Cat having kittens.  I would let her have more kittens but people in this part of New Mexico aren’t good to cats.  If animal rights activists, who don’t seem to really love animals, have their way – we will no longer have animals.  They will release all the cats, dogs, hamsters, and white mice into the wild where they cannot protect themselves. But – they would be living the way nature intended – right?

Deliver me from PETA who murders nearly 95% of the adoptable cats and dogs in their custody.

If you do not think the new Obama baby is a doll, you just don’t have a cute button. No, I’m not caving to the Obamas, but I do like the kind of dog they have chosen.  My sister adopted one from the Atlanta shelter years ago, only to have the apartment authorities evict “Chrissy” because she was too big.  Naturally the “grandparents” became the guardians of Chrissy.

She was a legendary canine.  My mother still wants another water dog.  My father wants a Golden.  After an unfortunate “abortion”, Chrissy wanted babies.  She would steal local kittens, bring them back to my mother’s patio and literally love them to death.  Eventually the local neighbors would see her coming, and call my mother telling them that Chrissy was kidnapping their kittens and would she please return them – alive.  The problem was solved when the vet suggested Chrissy have a “baby” of her own.  She carried her stuffed puppy around until it was nasty, but she did not steal kittens after that.

Chrissy was a trained attack dog, and could have killed on command.  She did not really like men, was fiercely protective of children, and was a lady’s dog.  I took her with me to many late night GOP meetings.  I felt safe with her in the car.

My favorite Chrissy story was the Christmas she cornored my best friends two daughters under my mother’s tree, pushed them under the tree, and wouldn’t let anyone come near them.  Chrissy loved Christmas and Christmas trees.  The moment one went up, she would make that her headquarters, not allowing the other two poodles, or the cats near it.  She considered AnnLee’s daughters her “babies”.  She pushed them so far up under the tree (they were at least 8 and 10 years old, and digging through the presents looking for theirs so they were not innocent) that they knocked over the tree!

I can’t think of a finer breed of dog for two little girls who need some protection, and need some love.  They may be like too little princesses, living in an insulated palace, but I can’t help but think their lives are not going to be all that perfect.


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