2 thoughts on “Kathleen Sebelius & Tiller the Baby Killer

  1. I wonder who else Tiller donated money to, 0bama perhaps. It would be interestng to find out. I’ve got Tiller’s on one side of my family, I’d hate to think I’m related in any way to such a loathsome individual, but I should check it out.

  2. Do you want the government to outlaw your right to your body and quality care?

    I hope your loved ones are not turned away from quality doctor care. One of mine was after being stalked and raped by a policeman. She was luckier than others and survived a nonprofessional abortion.

    Remember Jesus stated, “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her.” Some religious fanatics still stone raped women and try to own women. Who should own them as a slave?

    We know women with tubal pregnancies who would have died if ecclesiastical zealots had their way. We knew women with high blood pressure that did die in pregnancy and chose their path. Notice exodus describes no penalty for women who choose to terminate pregnancy, nor does any Bible passage.

    I don’t see many women leaving the number of children they have up to someone else. My grandmother let the church decide and had 18 pregnancies. Women should be allowed to regulate their own bodies, starting with ovulation and contraception.

    140 million orphan children and their mothers would love to be valued as much as embryos and feti are advertised. Notice most Pro-Lifers act as if life ends at birth. Are you willing to help mothers keep their children or to adopt ORPHANED children?

    My aunt almost orphaned 7 children while delivering a fetus that hadn’t a skull. She was allowed choices.

    In medicine, a fetus becomes a baby when it take its first breath. Then, its siblings recognize it and it’s named, christened, given citizenship, and celebrates its birthday. The value of a embryo or fetus is up to the person doing the work to create a new being. Unless you’re willing to become a surrogate, it appears the only way to give rights to embryos and feti is to take away the rights of men, women, and children.

    Please value women and her children.

    If you want to reply, please use correct terminology rather than fallacies, such as begging the question and ad hominems.

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