UPDATED:Right Wing Hate Groups to Crash the Tea Parties!


UPDATED:  It has recently come to my attention that there are indeed two John Brimelows in this world.  Until I can come up with a way to handle this, from now on I am going to refer to the entity in question referred to in this piece as (Peter’s Twin).  Any discomfort or problems this has caused for John (good guy) Brimelow was unintentional.

Yes, Michelle, there is such thing as extreme right wing hate.

Reports are the tea parties are going to be crashed by Stormfront, the CofCC, and various neo-Nazi groups.  If the material coming into my “inbox” is any indication, every far right, anti-government, Bush-hating conservative is coming out of the woodwork. There’s some scary stuff going on here.  The Feathered Bastard has more about all the lovely little Maricopa Nazis, many of whom will be out en masse on the morrow.

The Feathered Bastard's Tribute to Maricopa Nazis
The Feathered Bastard's Tribute to Maricopa Nazis

Sure, there’s no right wing hate out there – nothing to fear but a bunch of little Hitler wannabe’s themselves.  Granted they are basically impotent and incompetent, but still, just one nut with a high-powered rifle can kill a heck of a lot of people.

The right is rightly concerned about the new report released by Homeland Security, targeting specific patterns of behavior that is associated with the far right.  I find the hysteria on the right a little – short sighted.  Anyone who thinks the “right” does not spawn “hate” is living in the land of delusion, seriously. I agree with LGF and AJ Strata.  I just can’t imagine people being so STUPID they do not know that hate exists in their purified little conservative world. But then – that specific little conservative world is falsely propped up by an underpinning of some of the most unsavory sort. And no, I’m not going to start listing everything.  I’ve been writing about it since The Pink Flamingo was born.

There is some very bad stuff going on in the world, promoted by people claiming to be conservatives.  Some of it is rather frightening.  As far as I’m concerned, some of the worst of it is promoted by Michelle Malkin – “mainstream” far right scary stuff that is.  Malkin writes for the worst of them – for Peter Brimelow, whose identical twin brother, John (Peter’s Twin), was once the head of the National Socialist Party.  No wonder Malkin is upset.  I call the National Socialist Party pure absolute hate.  But then, if I had written a book saying that the internment camps were good for the Japanese, I’d be a little embarrassed.   If I’d written something like Steve Sailer Vindicated, I’d be a little scared of what was coming, too.

For the past 3 years The Pink Flamingo has been telling you about the danger from the far right. If you don’t believe me, check out this photo – Columbia, SC, State House, 2007.

South Carolina Nazis - 2007
South Carolina Nazis - 2007

Many conservatives are quite upset with Sec of Homeland Security over the new assessment about the far right.  There is a heck of a lot going in within the ranks of the far, far right, and much of it isn’t good.  I’ve been telling you this for a very long time. From the SPLC comes news that the usual anti-immigration freaks are crawling out from under the sewers again.

You may also be familiar with the fact that The Pink Flamingo is not taking part in tomorrow’s tea party movement.  Why?  I’m concerned that the whole thing is being manipulated by the far right crazies of hate.

The usual suspects are involved in the tea parties.

“…Meanwhile, the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) is urging its members to attend tea parties. The CCC is the successor to the White Citizens Councils that opposed desegregation in the South in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a white supremacist group that opposes non-white immigration and affirmative action, while supporting the display of the Confederate battle flag.

The nativist movement also has a presence at the tea parties. William Gheen, the founder of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, or ALIPAC, E-mailed “allied leaders” urging them to join a coalition of his and other anti-immigration groups in attending tea parties. “The vast majority of attendees to these events are with us on immigration enforcement,” he wrote. Among the other groups that Gheen identified as being in the coalition are the San Diego Minutemen, the hate group Save Our State, and Voice of the People USA….”

I hate being right.  The Feathered Bastard in Phoenix has learned that the Neo-Nazis are planning to infiltrate J. D. Hayworth’s Tea Party on the morrow.

“…So it doesn’t surprise me when I see signs of an apparent uptick in neo-Nazi activity locally. Recently, the neo-Nazi hate site Stormfront.org featured a thread detailing the distribution of racist fliers locally. And there have been other threads openly discussing plans to recruit new blood to their ranks from these Tax Day Tea Parties that conservatives are throwing around the country.

Regarding the fliers, some are already making the rounds. They were first mentioned in a post to Stormfront on April 9, where forum member “Hail C18” (a reference to the British neo-Nazi group Combat 18) disclosed that the “Arizona chapter” of the National Socialist Movement had 2,000 racist handbills ready to go.

“The NSM Arizona plans to distribute these fliers sometime very soon this week,” wrote Hail C18, who on his own may be all of the “Arizona chapter,” as far as I can tell. “Keep a watchful eye out on the local/national news.”..The Phoenix hootenanny is scheduled to feature neo-Nazi hugger and Arizona state Senator Russell “Don’t mind the rock between my ears” Pearce, and KFYI lip-flapper and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, the Huckleberry Hound of the Phoenix Falange. As a result, this wing-ding will be drawing every hillbilly wackjob with missing teeth in the Valley. That’s to be expected, but the presence of local stormtroopers seeking converts in the crowd adds a piquant spice to this already funky melange…..”

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  2. There is an old saying that when two opposing sides go too far out, they eventually meet. I have long wondered if there is any difference between the far right and the far left. Neither have tolerance for any that disagree and both think they can change the world by intimidation.

    I remember years ago, Laura Ingraham saying that moveon is bringing down the Left and until Democrats LOSE the fanatics, they will never win Congress or the WH.

    And now it’s happening to the GOP.

  3. “bastards”? “crazies”? Man you are full of HATE! SPLC? Yeah, get your infos from a liar organization. (Even the FBI says the SPLC reports are FAKE!)

  4. I have google alerts set up for my name…it’s very upsetting for me to have the bad luck to have a fairly rare name that’s associated with a hate monger. Doesn’t the crappy John Brimelow have a middle name you can use when referring to him? Say, John Racist Brimelow, or John Shallowminded Brimelow, or well, you get the point. In any case I’m not him. I’m John Brimelow. http://www.brimelow.info/JohnsWebLog

  5. look to thr rush limbos and hennedys as hate group leaders, if you do not hear hate in talk radio right wing loons, you do not hear!

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