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Sarah Palin is a prisoner in her own state.  It is perfectly acceptable for other governors, both Democrat and Republicans to leave their states, even during a legislative session.  In fact, Palin has turned down several big speaking gigs that have cost her in the eyes of some conservatives.  So, when she heads out of state to campaign, Sarah Palin is Evil and Must Be Destroyed. Oh, and she is responsible, solely, for the Do Nothing Alaska legislative session this year. But the Democrats in Alaska have it in for her.

Then there is the fact that some Dems are FURIOUS that the Palin bloggers are going after them when they harass Palin.  Please look for more developments in this – anything so they can harm Palin.

“ is a Web site with contributing bloggers with a conservative or libertarian political bent, Mansour said. They met chatting on another Web site,, venting about what she summed up as the media’s unfair treatment of Palin.

SarahPAC and Palin family spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton said Conservatives for Palin is not affiliated in any way with the governor, despite several large banners on the site offering ways to donate to SarahPAC.

Based on the content, Stapleton surmised the site bloggers are from the Lower 48. She acknowledged the banners linking to SarahPAC are a concern.

Mansour said the blog isn’t funded by any organization, and is solely the effort of the bloggers, who paid $10 for a blogger ID and another $10 to register that.

Ramras isn’t convinced.

“I would encourage whoever is behind Conservatives for Palin to step out of the shadows,” he said.

The Web site’s bloggers include two living in England and a former Alaskan living in North Carolina, she said. None of the writers live in Alaska….”

Ron DeVito writes:

“…Since the beginning of this process, which has been documented in this blog, the Senate Democrats have been trying to foist their choice on and disrespect the Governor just to engage in a power play. Governor Palin submitted two nominees. The claim of Nelson’s “inexperience” is specious and was not the point of the rejection. This was nothing more than a simple chess game that now has resulted in a stalemate. But the losers in this equation are neither the Governor, nor the Senate Democrats, but the people of District B who have no State Senate representation….”

The reason it is SOOOO bad that Sarah Palin, the white trash hillbilly from Wasilla is leaving is to do a right to life dinner and a support for Downs kids. EVIL!

It isn’t just the “left” hitting Palin.  the WTimes has a hit-piece out on her.

“…Still, top officials in both parties have been steering clear. The only comments Republicans were willing to make on the record amounted to general praise for Mrs. Palin as one of the party’s leading figures and as a strong contender for the party’s 2012 presidential nomination.

“She has so many assets: a government executive, a proven voter-getter and a role model to young professional women who will be of paramount importance to the national Republican Party in future elections. She’s not someone who is easily marginalized and dismissed,” said Ken Blackwell, a former Ohio secretary of state and a recent candidate for Republican National Committee chairman.

Even Democrats are staying away from turning Mrs. Palin’s family turmoil into a political issue.

“Thanks for your question, but we’re not going to comment on this matter,” Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Brandi Hoffine said….

We on the “right” are seeing black helicopters, etc. because we think there is an alleged conspiracy on the left to destroy Sarah Palin.  You gotta be kidding.  A conspiracy?  It’s out in the open.  I’ve NEVER ever seen any political figure treated as badly has I have Sarah Palin, but then she’s nothing that intellegent voters would ever consider voting for. Have you ever wondered about all those nasty stories about Sarah Palin?  If she and her family are so bad, why did Esquire do such a great job on their profile of the Dude?  Maybe that’s part of the problem – Sarah Palin is married to the modern woman’s dream hubby.  That would do it, trust me.

Barack Obama is now a comic book hero.  He is battling Sarah Palin.  I was going to get quite annoyed about this, but then I saw the art work and decided if I were drawn the way she is, I’d be flattered!  There’s something appropriate about Barack Obama being a one dimensional pulp hero.  Something very appropriate.  After all, Sarah Palin endangers innocent animals and birds.  (Where do these people come up with their anti-Palin hatred?)

Remember how Republican and conservative bloggers have handled an attack on Joe Bidens’ family – leaving it alone?  Well, too bad the Democrats can’t have that much class.  Instead, their filth and hate is un-ending to the point where it is becoming bazaar. There’s nary a word about Barack Obama’s child molesting half brother, Samson, but endless liberal chatter about Diana Palin.  They’re calling the Palins hillbillys, white trash, etc because of Diana.  I wonder what we could call Barack Obama because of his child molesting half brother? Hummm?

The left is still propping up that punk Levi Johnson.  I repeat – no conservative blogger denigrated Joe Biden’s daughter.  According to Stephen Maloney, Levi Johnston was paid off by someone.

“…This column marks the beginning of effort to raise the intriguing question of where Levi Johnston and his family — with his mother under indictment for drug sales — are getting tens of thousands of dollars to pay for various expenses, including flights (for Levi, his mother, and his sister) to NY (at a cost of approximately $7,500) for the Tyra Banks show, as well as for the shiny new pick-up truck that the unemployed Levi (who apparently can’t pay child care expenses) is driving. (Hey, at least Levi doesn’t sell out his former “beloved” and his current son for mere peanuts.)

Obviously, the money comes from Obama supporters like George Soros and the investment bankers Obama is bailing out with billions of dollars, payoffs in their own right. I can’t dot all the i’s on l’affaire Levi yet, but if something stinks like a skunk, well, it’s not the first rose of summer. And Levi and his odious mother are smelling very skunk-like these days. Since the Tyra Bankses of the world can’t ask Levi any hard questions, well, we have to do the job for them.

Perhaps someone will be very daring and ask Mrs. Johnston who’s paying her whopping legal expenses these days. Hint: It’s not the Palin-for-President Committee. I don’t believe Mrs. Johnston has much money lying around from her former profession of selling oxycontin. …”

Then there  is the classy artistic commentary about Palin by that lovely classical artist, Eminem.

Fox News wants to know if she even has a political career.  Let’s face facts, even FOX does not treat Sarah Palin as a viable political force.

She is berated over her nominations, never mind the fact that Barack Obama has chosen some incredibly bad people to be in his administration. Oh, what was I thinking, Sarah Palin is nothing but hillbilly white trash and must be destroyed.  Barack Obama is urbane, suave, and just oh so cool…!

The NYTimes has hit Palin

“…Meghan Stapleton, who worked for the governor long before the 2008 campaign and now is a spokeswoman for SarahPAC, said Ms. Palin “doesn’t have any advisers outside of the state.” Ms. Palin had been scheduled as the keynote speaker for the Republican Party’s major Congressional fund-raiser in June, but after what Ms. Stapleton said was a misunderstanding over scheduling, that event is now to be headlined by Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker.

“There are critics out there who say she’s not engaged in the national ambitions that they have for her,” Ms. Stapleton said. “The fact that she has people criticizing that she’s not doing it the way D.C. insiders would do it is a compliment to her.”

The governor plans to open a legal defense fund to help pay for more than $500,000 in legal debt, principally from what became known as Troopergate, a legislative inquiry that found she had abused her power in the pressuring a former state public safety commissioner to fire a state trooper, her former brother-in-law.

All of which has made Ms. Palin alternately warm and testy in her dealings around the Capitol. In the meeting with reporters in her office last week, she expressed little distress over lawmakers’ revisions to legislation she favored. She also said she prays for “the revelation of truth” to combat what she says are persistent lies about her and her family.

At one point, someone complimented her hand-painted clogs. “Cute shoes,” the person said. Ms. Palin responded, alluding to a recent dust-up over being seen wearing the logo of her husband’s snow machine sponsor: “I may not be able to tell you who paints them or I may be charged with an ethics violation or something.”…”

FYI – That “dust-up” was just another in the non-ending petty ethics complaints filed against Palin by DNC bloggers up in Alaska.  The reason – they’re trying to bankrupt the Palin famly.

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