San Jacinto Surrender Location Pinpointed


In an announcment that may give Governor Rick Perry a little “boost” after his over the top speech yesterday, archaeologists think they’ve located the exact spot where the Mexicans surrendered to Texas at San Jacinto.

They’ve found unfired busket balls….

“...Scores of unfired musket balls, bayonets and cavalry ornaments were found all in rows as if they’d been dropped. The discovery was on a plot about 20 yards wide and 200 yards long, near an NRG Energy natural gas-fired power plant.

Roger Moore, of Moore Archeological Consulting, said he concludes that a Mexican commander organized a few hundred troops for a formal surrender after Texans won the battle on April 21, 1836, sealing Texas’ independence. Other Mexican soldiers fled, only to be shot or knifed down by the Texas cavalry.

“The artifacts tell an unmistakable story of military discipline in the face of otherwise disaster,” said Moore, who led the archaeological dig on the land a few miles southeast of the battlefield. “It probably saved their lives.”…”