Schooling the 1700 – Republican Style


I caught a spot on FOX about the DC school system.  They receive more funds per capata than any other school district in the nation and have some of the worst school.  Currently under an experimental program that Barack Obama and his Democratic friends killed, 1700 inner city kids are being sent to private schools throughout the city.  It costs approximately $8000 per student to send them to private schools.


We are in a battle for hearts and minds.  From what I saw, the inner city school kids and parents are FURIOUS. One young man, who will be a senior, was very upset because he would be forced back into a 49th rate school, greatly cutting his chances of a good college, etc.

One gets the opinion that some of these people finally realized that the Democrats are responsible for their educational quandary.


What would happen if we Republicans were to set up a scholarship fund for these kids – to pay for private school tuition?

What would happen if we let these people know that those evil Republicans were responsible for their scholarships, giving them back the education the Democrats had taken away from them?

It’s all about hearts and minds.