UPDATED: The Latest Tombstone KoKo Corral Shoot-Out


UPDATED:  Tombstone’s new town marshal has made another arrest in conjunction with the incident at Six Gun City.  He made the arrest after seeing the YouTube video which is posted here at The Pink Flamingo

Scenes like this could soon be a thing of the past.

(All photos Copyright 2008 by SJ Reidhead)

I’ve been blogging light for the past week because of a series of articles I was writing for Blogcritics dealing with the problems going on in Tombstone.  Because I have a deadline on two other major articles this week, I’m going to link to the 5 articles and let you be the judge of things.

Part I

“…My first hint that something was amiss was last November. I was visiting with a friend who is also the owner of the Tombstone Boarding House Bed and Breakfast. Sylvia was lamenting the economy and her fears that she would be unable to remain in business. Things were slow. She was suffering, but was still able to hold her head above water. Then came the election (or re-election) of Mayor Dusty Escapule, who was determined to enforce Handbill Ordinance 821C.

Sylvia is no longer allowed to give out little handbills or menus pointing to her restaurant a few hundred feet down Fourth Street from Schieffelin Hall. In the Lamplighter, she serves very good Mexican food, and the best margaritas this writer has ever consumed, and this writer has consumed her fair share of margaritas. On Friday and Saturday evenings, Juan de Granada can be found, playing his virtuoso guitar. But Sylvia can’t rely on repeat business alone.

After she was banned from (and cited for) distributing handbills on Allen Street, she took the issue to the city council, where she was belittled and made a laughing-stock. Several of her long-term repeat customers went with her. They were treated very rudely. At the end of the meeting, the city attorney was alleged to have said to a prominent business owner, “Well, I guess we took care of her.”…”

Part II

“…Tombstone will soon be completely inaccessible to her and to anyone who has serious physical problems. Constant Tombstone visitors who have physical limitations have found themselves asking if those who are not physically perfect are even wanted in the town now. In my mother’s case, the ones who will suffer are the local merchants….My sources have told me that complaints have been filed under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which has already agreed to look into the situation. It is a Federal lawsuit just waiting to happen.

Those who are having a problem with the “authenticity” problem of eliminating usable handicapped parking are also asking if the gorgeous new green metal benches placed in select locations are “authentic.” Of course, people like my 85-year-old father will be unable to enjoy the benches because it will be difficult for him to walk the few blocks necessary now that there is no place for him to park. The only restaurants that will be available for someone like my parents will be those on the outskirts of town….”

Part III

“…It now appears that none of the groups in Tombstone have been allowed to have a permit to perform. Things are so heated that residents who walk down the streets in Wild West costume are subject to arrest. The fine is $5,000 and six months in jail – per incident. Thus far, only the non-profit groups have been given permits.

The Huckleberry Players still do their gig at the OK Corral, but are no longer allowed to walk the streets of Tombstone in “authentic” costume. The Six Gun City players have yet to receive a permit for their show, thus seriously damaging Michael Corrafa’s business, but that’s tomorrow’s story.

Things are so bad, when the venerable magazine Arizona Highways was in town photographing the Huckleberry Players, Talvy accosted them, and tried to cite them. He eventually backed down, but four members of the group, including a friend, Tim Fattig, now face up to two years in jail. The irony here is that Fattig, an author, is one of the leading authorities on the life of Wyatt Earp (as is yours truly)…”

Part IV

“…This is the background you need in order to understand the fear of fire the powers that be in Tombstone seem to have. The new dining patio and bar at Six Gun City is constructed primarily of wood. According to the newly appointed building inspector, that points to a clear and present danger to the town of Tombstone, and it must be closed, immediately. Oh, and that permit approved by the previous building inspector — well, just forget about it.

Allegedly, on April 2, Tombstone building Inspector Mike Trotter served Mike Carrafa, the owner of Six Gun City, a bar and restaurant on Fifth and Toughnut, with a cease and desist notice. On April 3, Carrafa hand-delivered a detailed report of his plans to bring his new addition into compliance with the “structural provisions of the International Building Code requirements.” According to Carrafa, as of Friday, April 11, he had yet to hear back from Trotter….”

Part V

“…Progress, like birth, is an extremely painful process that can, at times, prove fatal. There are times when progress isn’t really progress at all, but those involved simply cannot see the damage they are inflicting on others, their community, and ultimately themselves. If the current trend continues, all the color, fun, and excitement that makes Tombstone such a unique destination will hav
e been destroyed…”

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