Chris Simcox to Challenge John McCain to a Primary


I’ve thought of different headlines for this post, but can’t find anything nasty enough to say about the absurdity of Chris Simcox, who could end up being the GOP version of Al Franken, has challenged John McCain to a primary for the US Senate.

I can’t imagine anyone more deplorable, incompetent, or pathetic to take on a great and honorable hero like John McCain.  Chris Simcox is a man of questionable character.  An associate of Alan Keyes, it is only a matter of time before Simcox and his slight of hand flipping the big border bucks into different organizations is held accountable. I thought the idea of Buddy Witherspoon challenging Lindsey Graham was bad enough, but this is even worse.  I smell the distinctly vile aroma of an John Tanton sponsored political set-up.

One good thing that might come out of this is an expose of just what is going on between the various Simcox/Keyes organizations, who is padding accounts, and just where all that “border fence” money is going.  I have repeatedly said someone will eventually do time for what is little more than a well planned con job.

“…Simcox has been under fire from MCDC chapter leaders and rank-and-file members since last summer, when he began refusing to account for the $1.6 million to $1.8 million in private donations he said MCDC had raised by the end of May 2006. That sum included $600,000 for the “Minuteman Border Fence,” which Simcox touted in a slick fundraising materials as a high-tech “Israeli-style” barrier, but which turned out to be little more than a barbed-wire cattle fence.

Simcox has yet to fully disclose exactly how much money MCDC has raised, how much is still in the bank, and where the rest of the money went. “To date, there has not been a serious form of financial accountability to Chapter leadership,” the May 8 letter to Simcox stated. “We believe strongly that current accountability should be provided to each local and State chapter upon request. Current and past requests go unanswered.”

Other concerns detailed in the letter included chapters failing to receive long-promised “seed money” and equipment; chapter leaders not being reimbursed for expenses; “micro-management from Mr. Simcox,” and “poor communication structure throughout MCDC leadership.”

The letter also demanded a “full explanation” of Simcox’s continuing failure to register MCDC as a nonprofit corporation with the IRS, which would require the group to periodically release detailed financial statements.

Simcox first claimed in September 2005 that he’d submitted an application. The following August, nearly one year later, MCDC spokeswoman Connie Hair told The Arizona Republic that the MCDC “plans to meet all the filing requirements later this month,” adding that “delays with the complex paperwork [have] slowed the process.”…”

For the past 3 years I’ve been trying to track a story out of Tombstone about Chris Simcox and money.  I can’t pin down the person I need to interview, so I cannot confirm the information I’ve been given.  If it is correct, like I said, someone will eventually do time over the whole minuteman scam.

Simcox’s image is the brain-child of Connie Hair who is alleged to be a very good friend of Sean Hannity.  Stories are the only way Simcox even rose to “power” is because Hannity pushed him.   We shall see if Hannity is so foolish as to support Simcox over a proven hero, and the man who should be living in the White House right now.

I keep telling you far right conservatives have declared war on the GOP.  Is this simply another front opening up?  Remember – the only reason Al Franken is ahead in the Minn. count is because of a Third Party Losertarian splitting the vote.

“…Former Minutemen have left the organization, citing a failure to account for hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations, which Diener helped raise. Some defectors have formed a rival border-monitoring operation called Patriots’ Border Alliance. An Arizona man has sued the MCDC and Diener for fraud and breach of contract, alleging that they did not build, as promised, an “Israeli-style border fencing” on a private ranch in Arizona. MCDC and Diener officials deny the allegations. “Every penny is accounted for,” says Simcox. “It’s not about money being misused. It’s about people disagreeing about how that money is used.” Says Diener’s coordinator for the fence project, Peter Kunz of Lititz, “There’s a lot of misinformation out there. A lot of it is coming from one or two sources.” So how did a Lancaster business get involved with this controversial project to patrol and fence an international border more than 2,000 miles away? Diener is one of the best-connected political consulting groups in the United States. Under the direction of its president, Phil Sheldon, Diener has provided advice on communications and other activities to a variety of conservative and Christian causes and candidates.  Soon after Simcox, a former California elementary school teacher, launched the MCDC in April 2005, he approached Sheldon and asked for help broadcasting the Minuteman message. “We realized that we could not manage what was going to be a national movement without hiring professional consultants,” says Simcox. “Diener has provided wonderful services that have allowed us to become a household name.” Kunz says Diener’s work has included fundraising, “but we get involved in communications, direct mailing, whatever the needs of the organization are.”…”