UPDATED: Much More to “Republican Congressman Booed” Story



FTS, after insulting The Pink Flamingo with anti-pink bias and bigotry, admits that they did indeed set Gresham up for a fall.  Today Michael Medved takes conservatives to task for their treatment of Gresham.

Was Gresham Barrett set up by SC’s premier political blog, FTS? Did the Palmetto Scoop take advantage of the situation and create the viral video that is turning a good, decent 98% ACU CONSERVATIVE into a laughing stock?

Why aren’t conservative – NON REPUBLICAN blogs checking their facts and their sources as the spread the lies about the incident?

When are far right non Republican bloggers like Michelle Malkin and her Hot Air be held accountable for being as vile and cruel as their liberal counterparts?

The other day AJ Strata reached his tipping point when it came to  Conservative Third Party Losers.  The tipping point for me arrived today.  The conservative (NOT REPUBLICAN) third party loser blog pile-one, with the usual suspects taking their talking points from Michelle Malkin, once again, get the whole story wrong.

Will FTS Admit They Set Gresham Up?
Will FTS Admit They Set Gresham Up?

I have watched as Michelle Malkin has spread hatred and lies about my friend Lindsey Graham.  Now she’s after another friend, Gresham Barrett.  Enough is enough.  If good, decent people keep listening to and reading the lies spread by these ultra right conservative losers, we’re all going to spend eternity in Obama land.  Third Parties cannot win.  Third Part Losers like Malkin and her associates are the ones who helped elect Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid.

Want proof about the nastiness?  Check out Allahpundit’s vile little remarks on Hot Air.  Fr. Penn always says that half-truths are the same thing as lies.  What is being spread here are half-truths and nothing more.

One day someone is going to stand up and tell the truth.  That day is here.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a Third Party Loser.  That’s fine – but don’t take the rest of the country down with you.

Don’t you think you should check the facts? I’ve come to the conclusion there are far right conservative bloggers who are just as cruel, vicious, and prevaricating as the far left liberals.  Today I have presented proof. Malkin lies and the truth dies!

Every once in awhile in blogging, things happen.  Probably the best state blogs in the country are out of South Carolina.  They are far superior to the state political blogs here in New Mexico.  (FYI – The Pink Flamingo is not listed as a NM political blog).  All we have here is Democratic pandering.

Is the Palmetto Scoop Pulling for Henry McMaster

The conservative blogs are celebrating the headline about Gresham being “booed” in Greenville, SC during the THIRD PARTY Tea Party, but are ignorant of a few things.  First, Gresham is dropping his Third District Congressional Seat (Greenville is Fourth District) to run for Governor.  If there is one county in the country where Ronald Reagan would be booed by “conservatives” it would be Greenville County.  Things are so out of hand in Greenville, not even Reagan would be conservative enough for them.

Greenville’s GOP is CONTROLLED by Ron Paul Bots.

The other day Gresham flip-flopped on TARP.  I am suspicious about this, and have a few theories, but that’s about it.

The boos were in response to one SC blog, FTS, which sent a letter out to Greenville, suggesting Gresham be booed.  FTS is NOT Republican.  The Palmetto Scoop, SC’s leading blog is GOP, and is probably backing Henry McMaster as he runs against Gresham for Governor.

I’ve known SC Third District Congressman Gresham Barrett for years.  For those non-Republican Third Party losers like Michelle Malkin who are flaunting the headline, “Republican Congressman Booed” – maybe she – and they – should take a look at Gresham’s 2008 ACU rating.  Gresham Barrett has a 96 for 2008 and a lifetime 98.  I wouldn’t exactly call that liberal.  But, he did flip-flop on the stimulus money, which is probably the reason he was booed.

Then, the precious anti-Republican Third Party Losers like to compare the fact that SC Senator Jim DeMint was not booed.  DeMint has a lifetime 98.40 rating.  Gresham has a 98.00 rating. Would someone please explain what the heck is the difference?

Maybe it’s just the “REPUBLICAN BOOED” and the whole Tea Party thing is looking more and more seriously anti-Republican by the day.

Oh, wait – Gresham has a 98 lifetime rating, but Tom Tancredo, the conservative Third Party’s dream – has only a 97.20 rating and in 2008, his final year in office, he only had a 90 rating, a full 8 points less than Gresham’s.


There’s a little back-story you should know before celebrating the destruction of yet another liberal Republican.  CNN is thrilled that a Republican is booed in Greenville, SC, but if you know the direction Greenville is going, and the fact that it is OWNED by Ron Paul bots, any Republican making it safely through such a non-Republican event is lucky to escape tar and feathering.   The sentiment in Greenville is so far right, they were promoting the candidacy of Buddy Witherspoon over Lindsey last summer.  And – we all know Witherpoon and his associates. Funny how history repeats itself.


Malkin is also proving another theory of mine – that no Republican is safe from her hatred.


South Carolina is blessed or cursed – which ever way you see it, with two of the very best state political blogs in the country.  A few weeks ago the Palmetto Scoop, which is allegedly backing Gresham’s opponent, Henry McMaster, for Governor, took a serious swipe at FTS.

FTS takes credit for Gresham being booed.

“…We wrote an open letter to the City of Greenville, S.C. on Tuesday asking its residents to “boo” U.S. Rep. Gresham Barrett when he showed up for a taxpayer “Tea Party” there yesterday evening.“Boo him loudly. Boo him lustily. Boo him for a long time,” we wrote. “Show him the same respect he showed your tax dollars and your free market system of government.”…”

The Garnet Spy, SC’s up and coming blog, wrote the following, with slings and arrows pointed at the Palmetto Scoop:

“…Sometimes in politics, you can bookmark an event or comment as a game changer.  THIS may well be a slug to the heart of Barrett’s campaign for governor.  Yeah, the election is a year and a half away – a political millennium – but with those boos and shouts for Barrett to “go home” digitally recorded, you can be sure his opponents, either for the GOP nomination or, should he pass that test, the general election, will be playing that clip ad nauseum….”

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7 thoughts on “UPDATED: Much More to “Republican Congressman Booed” Story

  1. You presented no new facts, yet you claim your boy was maligned. You just don’t get it, pal. I am no nut case; have a loyal Republican for 36 years; and, like most of the TEA Party attendees, am fed up with the Republican party.

    You sound just like a Dem when you mount an attack against those of us who have decided that we are finished being exploited for living principled lives. The Republican party left us, not the other way around.

  2. SJ: Thanks for the “up and coming” label, bu I want to clarify that my post, “That’s Gotta Hurt,” wasn’t pointing any arrows at The Palmetto Scoop. My point was that the tea parties and politicians’ attendance at or distancing from them is going to have an impact on their office. In Gresham Barrett’s case, the negative response he got is going to hang on his gubernatorial campaign like an anchor. In a subsequent post, I pointed out the great reception Governor Mark Sanford got in Charleston. These populist protests can’t be ignored and neither can politicians’ records on the issues. As conservative as Barrett has been on many issues, his acceptance of this one Obama policy may have serious reprecussions.

  3. If Gresham is tied in with Lindsay Graham, is he also for open borders?

    If these are the conservatives, who will represent me?

    P.S. All your name calling is just a waste of your breath. Americans for limited, constitutional government got to used to this stuff from the media decades ago.

  4. mad as hell…if the Republican party left you, then why are you hanging on to the relationship? End the unhealthy relationship and go join or create a party you can be loyal to and believe in. They won’t have enough numbers to actually get elected or bring about any of the things you are willing to allow this nation to die over, but at least you won’t be poisoning the morale of the only viable party able to stop Obama and the Dems.

  5. Dave J…these are REPUBLICANS…this is the party of REPUBLICANS. So if you’re not a Republican and don’t believe in the 11th commandment of Reagan…”thou shalt not speak ill of any other Republicans”…then may I suggest you go find someone that is a conservative to represent you, uh one that can actually get elected because losers don’t get to represent anyone.

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