There Is No Right Wing Hate? Wake Up and Smell the Cat Box


For those who say there is no right wing hate, just take a look at Chris Simcox and his merry little band of Minutemen.  Simcox is a trouble figure, a little man who managed to propel himself into the limelight, and is now attempting to take down a great man.  While I would not fear the “minutemen” movement, there are aspects of it that are not to be trifled with.

It isn’t the damage some of these “groups” do as a whole, but what happens when unbalanced people, on the right and ON THE LEFT use them as an excuse to do bad things.

The far right is shocked that hate and extremism is going on here.  They remind me of Claude Raines in Casablanca.

Shocked, Shocked I Tell You!

In October (LGF) a gaggle of Neo-Nazis were arrested for plotting the death of Barack Obama.

The Aryan Nations are recruiting again in Idaho.

Did you hear the one about the Marine being arrested at Logan with bomb making material, hundreds of rounds, etc?  I guess he was just going hunting, right?

The Ross Institute also tracks “hate groups” and is more inclusive than the SPLC, adding groups the SPLC has not tracked as “hate”.

Saberpoint is upset that that dastardly SPLC declared the League of the South to be racist.  Trust me, they are.  Once upon a time they attempted to recruit me.  I fell for their “historical” material long enough to read one of their publications and realize these people are off their rockers.  This was in the mid-1990s before they even started getting crazy.  Sorry, but we all have a gag meter.  If yours goes off and you ignore it, you’re as bad as that nasty gagging odor.

“…The Southern Poverty Law Center is in the business of slander to achieve political and financial ends. It’s a great way to marginalize conservatives who are becoming too effective, and it’s a great advertising gimmick for the SPLC, who can claim that they are “fighting hate” when all they are really doing is desseminatng vicious propaganda. Notable conservatives like David Horowitz (for opposing reparations for slavery) and Michelle Malkin (for opposing illegal immigration) have been SPLC targets in the recent past. (A great project would be to list all conservatives who have ever been called a “racist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. It would be a long list.)

Anyone who is opposed to illegal immigration is a potential target. The SPLC will call you a “nativist” and a “hater.” What then can be done about illegal immigration, in the eyes of the SPLC? Absolutely nothing. Anyone who wants to come in can come in, citizen or not, and we are powerless to stop them, lest we be labeled “racists,” “nativists,” or “extremists” by the SPLC….”

The problem with this is the fact that it so not true.  I can’t think of anyone who deserves to be a target of the SPLC more than Michelle Malkin.  She had the nerve to write a book about the Japanese internment during WWII, where she states it was “good” for them and they did well by it. Sorry, but that in itself is a racist cannard.

There are those who say the SPLC is purely “left wing”, but that’s also not true.  They consider various chapters of the Nation of Islam to be hate groups.  They are not tracking radical left wing groups primarily because they are usually not aimed at any sole group of people.  Oh, FYI, they also track chrimes against Christians.

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8 thoughts on “There Is No Right Wing Hate? Wake Up and Smell the Cat Box

  1. Good girl. I can barely speak about this stuff. It makes me so upset that people like Simcox & Malkin could be in any way associated with my party, and it brings out my absolute worst. Maybe Simcox will serve as a magnet to collect the freaks and finally expose them to the willfully blind among us.

    I love love love the title – Wake Up and Smell the Cat Box!

  2. Just keep in mind that the Southern Poverty Law Center is the same group that labeled the American Legion as a hate group with a carefully tailored hit piece on Hate Watch. The SPLC is also a group that labels ANY group that is anti-ILLEGAL immigration as a “hate group”. I haven’t dug into the specifics of the allegations against the SoCal Minute Men group the “Hate Watch” hit piece is about, but until I do, I’m reserving judgement, simply because past “Hate Watch” hit pieces have been so extremely slanted.

    I am NOT saying the SPLC is lying here, just that its past record on “Hate Watch” is nothing admirable or lending to its credibility.

  3. The SPLC is biased to the left, but is not dishonest with their bias. They will will take out a liberal individual if found to be involved in “hate”. They’re doing a good job tracking the Nation of Islam, etc. I think they err in the fact that they will more quickly list someone who is not liberal than they will someone who will.

    On the other hand, I’ve rarely found them to be factually incorrect, and they do document their findings. I think one of the real reasons most of the right dislikes them so much is the fact that it is a money making machine, that could buy and sell many of their conservative counterparts – combined.

    The SoCal Minutemen are a “piece of work”. They’re now turning on one another. Amazing, actually.


  4. I respectfully disagree re: “is not dishonest with their bias”. It is dishonesty to slant their reports of “hate” as they do. The organizaton regularly flat out lies by accusing those who are speaking out against illegal immigration of being simply against immigration, period, AND by accusing such folk of “hate speech”. It is complee and utter dishonesty, not unconscious bias.

    And in almost all the organization’s reports of “hate” the same sort of dishonesty prevails. The organization regularly and routinely exaggerate anti-abortion violence (often relabeling legitimate free speech as “violent” for example), lower the bar on “torture” (pretty soon, if the organization continues its trend, I expect to see “time outs” labeled as “torture” *sigh*), etc. These acts are not just acts of bias but of outright. blatant dishonesty.

    All that does not mean the SPLC can’t, like the blind pig, find and eat the occasional acorn. In the case you cite above, it may well have found an organization almost as “hateful” and destructive as, say, PETA (no, not the People Eating Tasty Animals organization I’m a member of, the terrorist-anarchist-idiotic PETA).

    As to “conservatives” accepting anyone into the fold who simply claims the label, well, I’m one who does not. In fact, of the soi dissant “conservatives” I meet, I count less than 1% as genuine conservatives along the lines of the Founders. (Yes, the Founders were conservatives, as Edmund Burke recognized when he ennunciated his apologia addressing the colonists’ demands before Parliament in a speech usually labeled, “Conciliation with the Colonies” 22 Mar. 1775. Even the Declaration of Independence alludes to the colonists’ traditional rights as Englishmen being violated by a tyrranical king.) I count anyone who doesn’t firmly hold and argue for the same values the Founders argued for as a faux “conservative” unworthy of the label.

    I guess that makes me a right wing extremist in some eyes, but what it really makes me is an anti-statist conservative along the lines of the Founders.

    Recommended reading: The Founders’ Constitution (nice of The University of Chicago to put this online; the complete 5-volume set is also available in hardcopy for $70 here.

  5. Well said about the SPLC — they definitely lean left but at the same time are honest and factually correct. Matter of fact, some of their opinion pieces — profiles of various people — I found too tepid, if anything.

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