The Latest Hits on Palin – Levi’s Obama Lovin’ Attorney!


Levi is talking to the National Inquirer.  Did you know his mother’s attorney is a big time Obama supporter?  Is there a connection?  According to Conservatives4Palin, Rex Butler was once the head of Alaskans for Jessie Jackson.

“…As you will recall, Sherri Johnston was charged with distribution of OXY last December. At her preliminary hearing in January, the case was assigned to trial judge Eric Smith. Yes, the same Eric Smith who Sarah rejected for the Supreme Court. At the hearing Sherri Johnston claimed she could not afford an attorney and a public defender was assigned and a trial date was set for March. At the hearing, she was by herself with none of her children by her side.

In February, a surprise development occurred. She went back to court with a new attorney, Rex Butler. Mr. Butler is one of Alaska’s most successful and most highly paid defense attorneys. He told Judge Smith that Sherri Johnson had dismissed her public defender and had hired him as her new attorney. He asked for a delay in the trial date to May so he could get up to speed on the case. Here is a site which contains Mr. Butler’s CV:…”

Some Democratic hack named Sondra Thompkins has filed an ethics complain against Sarah Palin for going out of state to deliver a speech during a legislative session. Dear God Almighty, how could Sarah Palin have been so dastardly evil.  No other governor, ever, has ever left the state to give a speech or go to a conference.  Thomkins, who has tried to denigrate Palin previously, says Palin violated the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act, but from what I can find, she did not.  It’s just another way to try and break the family financially.

Levi Johnston is “marketing” a tell-all book about his former-almost inlaws.  He says he needs the moola so that he can take Bristol to court and take the baby away from her.  Yea, great.  Let the kid be raised in a home of a drug addicted grand-mother, instead of at the White House with his grandmother (the other one) in 4 years.

And so – on Larry King… Levi says he has a lawyer…I wonder who is paying for that attorney?

“…But “that is the step we’re going to have to go,” Johnston’s mother said later in the interview. The teen father said that he and Bristol Palin, Gov’s Palin’s daughter, do not have a formal custody agreement regarding Tripp, their 4-month old son. While the young father and his mother at times appeared hesitant about the prospect of taking formal legal action, Mercede Johnston, Levi Johnston’s younger sister, seemed anxious to get the brewing custody battle in front a judge. “I hope it happens soon, to be honest” Mercede Johnston said. “I want that baby in my life just as much as he does.” Levi Johnston also told King that he is not paying any child support to Bristol Palin right now. “I got everything my boy needs back home – diapers, toys, everything. Once we go to court, we’ll deal with that.” The Palins did not appear on King’s show Wednesday night. “To be fair here, we have not heard from the Palins on this,” King said. “If they wish to contact us, we’ll, of course, give equal time,” the CNN anchor added…Johnston and his family told King that Johnston is permitted to visit with his son at the Palin home but is not permitted to take the child away from the home….”

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  1. Levi is so clueless… He knocks Bristol up and then wonders why the Palins hate him so much? What an idiot… her parents were simply watching out for their daughter and trying to AVOID exactly what happened. Now he uses their animosity to his advantage to make himself look like the victim. Bristol and Tripp are, NOT Levi! If he were a REAL MAN and really CARED, he would not let anything in the way of him fulfilling his responsibilities as a father and husband. But apparently, he’s only man enough to become a father, and not a HUSBAND. So that only makes him HALF a MAN. How sad, but so convenient!

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