Sail on O’ Ship of State – The Wake of the USS Incompetent


Bill O’Reilly wants Barack Obama to show some leadership.  Poor Bill.  He’s so not with it.  Doesn’t he know that The One – doesn’t need to show leadership when he’s the cover pinup for the Washington Mag this week?  (NO I AM NOT LINKING)   The WSJ thinks the decision to try as many Bushies as possible will haunt Obama, but in order for that to happen, Barack Obama must have a conscious.

The AG says Obama is not the one to decide who is going to be persecuted.  Wait, I thought Barack Obama was POTUS, and Jeffrey Holder was “just” the AG.  I remember when….Al Haig pulled something similiar, his little tushie was out the door as soon as Ronald Reagan was conscious!

“…Now the White House misstep may in fact be propelling the process in the opposite direction. Another Justice Department official observed, “The department is now in the process of making some very tough decisions about what to do with this extremely complex and difficult matter. Emanuel’s statement was unfortunate, because now if the attorney general decides against appointing a special prosecutor, people are going to believe that this was a politically dictated decision. The only clear way out of this bind may now be to do what the critics suggest and appoint a special prosecutor.” Demands for the appointment of a special prosecutor have been proliferating in recent days following the release of the torture memoranda on April 16….”

How could we all have been so wrong – about John Kerry.  We called him Flip Flop, but his flipping and flopping is nothing

No One You See Is Smarter Than He!

Let me see if I can keep track of this….

During the primaries he was for an investigation into the Bush Torture Program, let’s just call it what it is.  George Bush is evil.  Even though George Bush is no longer POTUS, he MUST be destroyed.  Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Makes you wonder who hates GWB so darn much and wants to see him destroyed.

During the election cycle he was against an investigation, or was that after he was against one before he was against one.

Why, just the other day he was for an investigation – after he was against it! But – Holder promises a proper investigation.

White House Genius in residence Robert Gibbs put it this way:

“…But White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs suggested Wednesday that the president has removed himself from the process.

“Let me use an example. If you go in the back of the plane, Air Force One, and spray-paint the walls and smoke in the bathroom, the president isn’t going to determine whether you broke the law. A legal official is going to determine whether you broke the law,” he said. “That’s the determination that will be made in any instance whereby anybody knowingly breaks the law.”…”