Can We Talk About Chris Simcox?


The following is from my new Blogcritics piece about Chris Simcox.

“Just a few tidbits about Simcox:Chris Simcox is NOT a Republican.  He is running for the GOP nomination for the United States Senate, but has never, ever been identified or considered himself a Republican.  In fact, if his actions in the past have any bearing on his future, his personal lifestyle is more in line with the Kennedys.  No, take that back.  While at least one Kennedy scion has been accused of sexual assault, there does not appear to be accusations of child molestation in the family.

Perhaps it is a cheap shot, but one of the glaring, stellar, perfect examples of the Chris Simcox “conservative” lifestyle is his devotion to his (extremely wealthy) wife, Alena and their three small children.  There is no mention of the two previous Simcox marriages, and his other children.  This perfect bastion of conservative family values allegedly cashed in his son’s college fund  so he could form the Minutemen. (Other stories say Simcox emptied out his retirement fund).  Simcox had a daughter with his first wife, Deborah Crews.

Because of his extreme anti-immigration stand, Simcox has repeatedly been accused of being a racist. The perfect way to deflect the constant charges is for Simcox to mention the fact that one of his ex-wives was African-American.  Simcox also doesn’t mention the fact that the second ex-wife, Kim Dunbar, does not allow Simcox to be anywhere near their son.  In sworn testimony Dunbar admits that Simcox has an explosive rage problem, where he would break furniture, car windows and threaten to commit suicide.  One time Simcox, that paragon of conservative virtue hit his four year old son so hard that a mark remained on the child’s face for several days.  Enraged, Simcox was throwing furniture at his terrified wife, who gathered the child in her arms and escaped through a window.

Dunbar thinks Simcox had some sort of a breakdown following 9/11.  No longer living with his ex-wife and son, Simcox left a series of bazaar and threatening messages on Dunbar’s answering machine.  These messages were submitted to the court in order for Dunbar to insure Simcox was denied access to their son, who was by that time, a teenager.  Until that time, the couple shared custody of their son….”

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