Brownback More Disgusting Than Spector


We all know Arlen Specter switched parties because of an upcoming election.  I just never thought I’d see someone like Sam Brownback betray his pro-life stand because he may be running for governor of Kansas.

Brownback is considered a very good conservative.  God Help Us All!

I really don’t want to hear anyone complain about John McCain and Lindsey Graham EVER AGAIN.  Don’t ever mention RINO in my presence.  Brownback’s betrayal proves conservatives are exactly what I’ve said they are – a bunch of opportunistic jerks. I really liked Brownback and never though he would betray the unborn.

The GOP world is split on the treason of Arlen Specter, who became a Jack Ass once again, falling off the Elephant.  I think anyone who says the switch was unexpected is not being as honest with themselves as they should be.  I’ve been wondering when it would happen, haven’t you?

This said, I’m not all that upset about what Specter did.  He was being Arlen Specter.


I am absolutely revolted and disgusted with what Sam Brownback did today.  I am far more upset about his betrayal of his Christian principles and ALLEGEDLY anti-abortion values by voting for the most repulsive pro-abortion elected official I’ve had the misfortune to encounter.

Evidently voting for Katherine Sebelius  is more important than standing up for life.

I am absolutely disgusted with Sam Brownback.

He said we need a HHS Secretary because of the flu.

Tell that to the murdered babies.

“…Because Brownback is leaving the Senate, pro-life activists had been looking to build new alliances in the chamber even before the Sebelius nomination came up. “There needs to be somebody to take over for all the work that Brownback is doing,” said McCluskey. “How soon will they have to take over? Well, that could be decided as a result of this vote.”
…The news that Sebelius had under-reported her donations from Tiller was originally reported in a Kansas Catholic circular, The Leaven, in an article that was immediately passed up the food chain. Sebelius opponents have been able to say that Tiller is “under investigation” not because he has been convicted of a crime — he was acquitted of performing illegal operations only weeks ago — but because the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts has taken the prerogative of re-filing the legal challenges against Tiller. While the Board is not explicitly political, spokeswoman Sheryl Snyder explained how its challenges work to TWI before quickly adding, “I have my own opinions about Tiller.”
Burdett Loomis, a political science professor at the University of Kansas who worked for Sebelius in 2005, argued that the “vindictive prosecutions” against Tiller are a mainstay of Kansas politics, and that Brownback’s support of the governor’s nomination made sense in the context of his next political steps.
“He’s running for governor and there’s no one on his right,” said Loomis. “I mean, you could barely get to the right of Sam Brownback if you wanted to. So he’s throwing a bone to moderate Republicans by not standing in way of a moderate Democratic governor. He’d like to have her in the administration and not running for Senate next year and ginning up Democratic turnout…”

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