Is Anti-Swine Bias on the Rise?



images3As one of Miss Piggy’s most devoted followers, when I discovered that there is a possibility of horrific anti-swine bias because of what we will call the “Mexican-Flu” and not malign an entire group of Swine-Americans, I was appalled.

Is Anti-Swine Bias A Problem For You?

Those gloriously politically correct folks who have brought you Hopeinchange, want to make sure that we, the American People, do not show anti-swine bias.  Yes, I’m serious (not really).  Let’s face it, how could anyone show bias and racism toward our favorite “Swine”?

We all know that I am not an advocate of anything politically correct, but we just can’t have Miss Piggy abused during this time of crises.

Scott Ott reports the horrific details, tongue in cheek:

“…With the federal government on full alert over the potential swine-flu pandemic, President Barack Obama said today that “Americans should not take this crisis as an opportunity to justify anti-swine attitudes or outright porcine abuse.”

“The vast majority of hogs are peace-loving, productive members of society,” the president said. “The biggest threat to the United States at this point is not that we might be overrun by a swine-based virus that indiscriminately murders its victims, but rather that we would allow a few diseased pigs to poison our hearts against the rest.”

The president has Attorney General Eric Holder to draft Justice Department guidelines labeling violence against domesticated hogs has a “hate crime” punishable by 10-years-to-life in prison, on top of the customary sentence. Mr. Holder has also created a special investigative unit of the FBI to focus on anti-swine crime….”