The Tragic Self Immolation of Rush Limbaugh


Something is very wrong in Conservative EIB Land.  The admiration of Ronald Reagan that was once just that, admiration, has turned into idol worship.  Anyone – now matter who – including Jeb Bush, etc who does not bow down and worship at the feet of the golden idol of the new false god Reagan will be cast into the fiery furnace.

Today Rush Limbaugh do nothing but slam an denigrate the GOP “listening tour”.


What is going on with Limbaugh?  He’s all over the map, furious about something.  It is quite sad, actually.

Perhaps it is because he wasn’t invited to join the National Council for a New America.  Perhaps he’s simply dealing with a man-crush on Ronald Reagan and can’t handle anyone saying that Reagan is in the past and we need to reach for the future.  All I know is this once great man is falling apart, on the air, filled with vitriol and spewing rancid dislike at anyone in the GOP who doesn’t see it his way.

His way has  cost us two elections.  Limbaugh thinks that Jim DeMint’s Small Tent, of a few ideologically pure Republicans in the US Senate is better than a majority who can stand up against Barack Obama.  That’s just plain wrong-headed and dare I say – stupid?

Is it possible that it was always about Limbaugh and nothing but Limbaugh.  Now that the GOP has out-grown his man-crush on Ronald Reagan and is moving forward in a new direction, determined to regain the majority without him, he’s bound and determined to destroy us?

He  has this thing about “moderates” – and the fact that they are not reaching out to “conservatives”.  Every time they do, they get their hands cut off, their throats cut, and nuked.

Thanks to people like Rush, Hannity, Beck, Ingraham conservatives have basically declared war on anyone who isn’t 100% the Limbaugh version of Conservative Pure!

Evidently Rush Limbaugh is out of touch with the world around him.  It has changed. Either he can be like the dinosaurs and evolve into birds, or he and his version of conservative go extinct.  That would be a great tragedy.  But – if you can’t change with the world – you can’t survive.  Look at how the Democrats evolved running “Blue Dog” candidates, and destroying more hard-line Republican candidates.  If the Dems can learn that you must go district by district, state by state, why can’t conservatives?

You don’t change what or  how you believe, but you can change how it is presented.  Like it or now Barack Obama tapped into something truly repulsive about the American people.  The “average” American has become a a total and complete sap.  Conservatives are up from the boot-straps kind of people, but there are times when you must simply learn how to re-adapt and repackage the message for 2009.

It is simply basic advertising.  Products that have stood the test of time have been repackaged and re-marketed over the decades.  The product remains the same (gross exception of Coke).  But the packaging changes a little.

Rush Limbaugh has fired the opening shots of a vicious civil war within the GOP.  It is not necessary.  He says he is a patriot.  Those who agree with him say he is a patriot.  If he truly loved his country he would put the needs of the country ahead of his own monetary desires.  He says he loves “conservative”.  Then love it enough to let it go.  Let it grow and blossom into something new and beautiful.

If people like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck do not shut up and listen to reason, we are going to see our country be destroyed.  Maybe that’s what they want.

What is even more tragic is to watch the mental degradation and breakdown of one of the great voices of our time.  Limbaugh is falling apart before our “ears”, destroying what he loves the most – his golden calf version of Ronald Reagan.  Maybe that’s the problem.  Limbaugh created a false god, and now he’s trapped with his conservative mis-representations.

I’ve seen what happens when Rush goes after someone.  He is cruel and vicious.  Just witness his treatment of Lindsey Graham.  The prevarications of both Limbaugh and Michelle Malkin have begun a lie about Lindsey, making both Limbaugh and Malkin a laughing-stock among liberals.

Right now, Rush Limbaugh, always the opportunist, appears to be hitching his star on Sarah Palin.  The other day I emailed a fellow Palin supporter, suggesting that this EIB good-will be enjoyed, because once she does something he does not like, he will turn on her and treat her like dirt.

We need Rush Limbaugh.  He has been a valiant spokesman for the “conservative” cause.  But, once in awhile, a cause becomes corrupted and needs to be purged.  I wish Limbaugh would take a break and re-examine his positions.  If he were to do so, he would realize the conservative position he is now endorsing has nothing to do with Reagan.  Indeed, if he were promoting a true conservative leader, he would be honest about George W. Bush who was a far more conservative POTUS than Reagan ever was.

Yikes – and lightening has not struck me dead!

The truly sad thing is the GOP listening tour is a great idea.  It is dorky, corny, and just dumb enough to succeed.  People like getting to say something – to rub elbows with the nation’s leaders. If they can keep the audiences small, and let people have their say, it could turn into a great thing – especially if they follow up and done on a weekly or even a bi-weekly basis, AND remember there are parts of the US other than the coasts.

Those of us in fly-over country would stand in line to get in to one of those meetings.  And – please, do them in small towns.  Get back to the American People.  If you so, the American People will respond and you will be rewarded in November of 2010.  And that, I do believe, is Rush Limbaugh’s worst nightmare.

If the GOP were to win on something less than the full-scale and abject enforced worship of Ronald Reagan, then Limbaugh is in deep trouble.

The sad thing is Limbaugh, and his talking head followers have turned Reagan worship into a cult.  If we aren’t careful, people like Lindsey are going to be thrown into the fiery furnace like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego for refusing to bow down to a graven idol.