UPDATED: The Conservative Superman Hero Savior Myth


I rarely go to the movies, at least here in Ruidoso.  It is a miserable experience made worse by an antiquated theater that belongs somewhere back in the 1960s, complete with the obligatory sticky floor.  When I went on Friday evening, I was taken aback by the number of movies about ‘superheroes’.

Look Up in the Sky!

I’ve been one of those who think that movies are a reflection of our times and our society.  If so, we’re in terrible shape.  The previews I saw were dark, dreary, violent, and completely lacking in any sort of beauty or light.  There was no dialogue, only unrelenting violence, relieved only by the appearance of misc. “superheroes”.

It does explain just why Obama was elected by a group of young people who have grown up with the “reality” of transformers, men like spiders, werewolves, vampires, and the obvious reality of life in the 21st Century. To them, Barack Obama is a super-hero.

What is completely disappointing is the constant harping from the far right about the much awaited appearence of the great conservative messiah or the 2nd coming of Ronald Reagan.  Instead of looking inward and finding the qualities of leadership within, our dear pop culture conservatives are lamenting the fact that there is no Great Conservative Superman.

Instead, what if – just what if – our Republicans in elected office step up to the plate and began to lead.  The problem is leadership is not simple, opens a person up to criticism, and takes just a little bit of courage.  It is easier to complain, run in circles, scream and shout, and blame others for one’s difficulties.





So far I’m only seeing these qualities from a handful of people like Lindsey, Jeb Bush, and Sarah Palin.  The lessor humans are so busy pointing fingers and blaming everyone that they really don’t have time to lead.

It is so much easier to look for a hero rather than be one. It is much easier to look for a great leader rather than be one.  It is so much easier to look for heroes of courage rather than have that quality oneself.

I think if more elected officials besides Lindsey, Mike Pence, Eric Cantor, and John McCain would step up and start taking the battle to the enemy and engage them point blank, we might be hearing a different tune.  It’s like the final battle in The Return of the Jedi.  While the Alliance fleet was waiting for Han Solo to save the day down on Endor, they were being picked off by the Empire.  Lando decides to take on the star destroyers point blank, and maybe take one or two out while they are being picked off and losing the battle.

You saw who won the war.

Maybe our Republicans need to realize they are the Rebel Alliance.  They can’t do much, but they can attack the big star destroyers point blank.  They just might take out a few and save the Republic while they’re at it.

Maybe this is where Han Solo needs to…

Oh wait, we don’t need superheroes.  We just need decent REPUBLICANS who will quit crying, wringing their hands, listening to Rush and take on the Evil Emperor point blank. They might also want to put a sock in Dick Cheney’s mouth.

UPDATED:  Dick Cheney is supportive of the effort to broaden the outreach of the party.  If that is so, then I have no problem with him.  I’m just sick of this freak show of wanting to narrow the focus of the party.   What we don’t need is more of this:

“…”I would rather have 30 Republicans in the Senate who really believe in principles of limited government, free markets, free people, than to have 60 that don’t have a set of beliefs”…”


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  1. Excellent Piece!!

    Young voters have no clue as to how a free economy works. This is a deliberate exclusion by the teachers unions – who want clueless voters to support leftist candidates. Unfortunately for them, unemployment creates an entirely new class of people willing to listen to a conservative message.

    Conservatives have reasons to be optimistic though. After the Democrats truly foul up the economy, there will be a conservative resurgence.

    For a top ten list of things conservatives should take heart in, you can hit:


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