A Sarah Palin I Told You So


Reading her face, like a cover, one might think Sarah Palin is a little young to have enough material for “a memoir.”

Yesterday, when I posted about Sarah Palin’s new book deal, I made a snarky remark about the fact that the fact that some idiot liberal is going to ask the question:  Can Sarah Palin even read?

I don’t think it was that bad, but one idiot wanted to know what in her life is there to write about. The media doesn’t understand her, which is more a commentary about the media than Palin.  Take Chris Matthews, please.

“…“She’s got this book deal, she obviously is not gonna write it,” he said later in the show. “They’ve already announced … she’s gonna collaborate on it. What an embarrassment! It’s one of these “I told you,” books that jocks do. … Why they do it like this? ‘She can’t write, we got a collaborator for her.’”…“If she can read, if she can write, she’ll make some money,” he said. “The big question is who’s going to actually write the Palin book.”…”

Last year Palin was denigrated for saying she liked to read C. S. Lewis.  Newsbusters has a commentary on that:

“…All these liberals seem to think calling Lewis “very deep” is an indictment of Palin, as if she was only reading Lewis’s Narnia novels. They seem unaware that Lewis also wrote on Christian theology, which could be what Palin is talking about….”

To make things worse…

“…The book might have a slight addition on faith for the Zondervan edition. The Bible publisher is part of the same company, and its sales reps have close relationships at Christian bookstores that can get better display for political titles. Barnett has made similar deals for other authors whose faith is an important part of their story, including Dan Quayle, Oliver North and Bill Bennett. Through the governor’s personal attorney, Barnett got the deal cleared by the Alaska attorney general’s office….”