NM’s Heather Wilson Now Getting Palin-Style Hits by Dems


What if Sarah Palin were NOT the only Republican in the country who was being subjected to harassment and bad treatment at the hands of Dems?

One of our local GOP leaders forwarded something that comes out of the NM GOP.  FYI, I like what I am seeing out of our state GOP system for a change.  They seem to be taking a very pro-active stance, which is great.

The story is rather interesting.  Because of the problems Bill Richardson has faced since he was outed as a typical Dem (read corrupt), the Criminal in Chief threw him under the Bus.  Not only did this latest human speedbump under the Obama bus harm said NM governor, but it has also thrown ice cold acid on NM Lt. Gov. Diane Denish and her ready made drapes that she was already hanging in the governor’s office.

Follow the bouncing ball of corruption.  Denish is part of the “Hobbs Machine”.  So is recently elected NM 1st District CongressObamaSuckUp Harry Teague.  Teague and Denish are buds.  Teague is also part of that “Hobbs Machine”. Teague has read the indictments on the wall and has realized he is probably in office because of the fluke of Obama’s election victory, and if he isn’t careful, he’s going to be as dead as a doornail, politically, in a few months.

If Teague does not throw Obama under his own bus, Teague is history come November 2010.  This is a very conservative congressional district.  Teague knows it and is pandering to the conservative element, promising he will vote to reflect the district, which is when pigs fly.

If rational heads prevail, Steve Pearce will end up kicking Teague out of office and reclaim the House seat he so foolishly vacated in a poorly conceived run for Senate last year.  Pearce defeated Heather Wilson, who had a very serious chance of taking the seat – but the lousy conservative element had to have it’s spoiled way and elect the more conservative Pearce, ignoring the fact that Pearce could no win a statewide race.

Here’s the thing.  I like Pearce and think he was an excellent Congressman and a worthy successor to the late, great, legendary Joe Skeen. Teague is an insult to the memory of to my friend Lisa’s dad, and needs to be removed from office.  But the Pearce defeat is just another example of conservative over-reach and lack of critical thinking and planning.  Reason says you vote for the candidate who can win the broader election, and you tell the other candidate to stay in the office where he/she excels.

I digress.

Heather Wilson is tied up in that whole fired US attorney mess, where Alberto Gonzales was absolutely right.  The moment that sorry NM example of a US attorney was removed from office, serious indictments went down and very powerful Democrats are now wearing pin-stripes. If you think the Dems are going to let anyone forget Wilson’s role in the affair that started a domino effect that lead do the conviction of very powerful Democrats you are out of your mind.

Also – remember that the only reason Bill Richardson was elected governor was because Republicans put him there.  The state GOP has fielded two horrific candidates to run against him.  Heather Wilson has a very good chance of turning NM red again.

The buffalo chips hit the fan the other day when Wilson penned a damning expose of the problems within NM’s juvenile justice system.  Diane Denish is going to have a very difficult time defending “her” administration’s role in deplorable problems here in NM.  Once upon a time Denish was a “no brainer” for being elected to the state’s highest office, but things just aren’t going her way.  We keep hearing that Val Kilmer is not going to be running.  That may be a major indicator that a Democrat can not win (honestly) here in NM.

NM blogger Joe Monahan has the Dem response to Wilson:

“…Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairman Brian Colón condemned Heather Wilson and Darren White’s decisions to launch their campaigns for a yet to be determined public offices last week with spurious attacks on the public servants tasked with managing New Mexico’s juvenile justice system. Wilson’s politically motivated op-ed overlooked the fact that her term as the Secretary of the Department of Children Youth and Families (CYFD) was marked by mismanagement, a failure to remove children from dangerous situations, secrecy, and retaliation against detract…”

This came from the state GOP headquarters yesterday:

Democratic Party’s Attacks on Wilson and White Attempt to Divert Attention from Administration’s Failure

ALBUQUERQUE-On Tuesday, the Democratic Party of New Mexico attacked Bernalillo Sheriff Darren White and former Children Youth and Families (CYFD) Secretary Heather Wilson, for highlighting safety issues plaguing New Mexico’s juvenile justice system.  The real purpose of these attacks, however, is to divert attention away from the Richardson-Denish Administration’s failure to address red flags concerning the state’s juvenile jail in Albuquerque, the Youth Diagnostic and Development Center (YDDC), and its desperate need for reform.

“It is sad that the Democratic Party has hijacked this issue to impugn the character of those willing to speak out against a dysfunctional system,” commented Ryan Cangiolosi, the GOP’s acting executive director.  “Recommendations to protect youth incarcerated at YDDC have repeatedly been ignored and yet Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish chairs New Mexico’s Children’s Cabinet.  Is she too busy campaigning to make this situation a priority?”

Recently, the removal of Bruce Langston as YDDC superintendent triggered questions concerning whether Mr. Langston was reassigned because he attempted to crack down on violent inmates.  KRQE News 13 showed Secretary Wilson and Sheriff White internal CYFD documents which revealed a troubling pattern of violent behavior at YDDC.  In an opinion piece published by the Albuquerque Journal, Wilson urged lawmakers and other community leaders to take action.  Sheriff White raised questions about the state’s rehabilitation efforts only to be rebuffed by the governor’s office and told to mind his own affairs.

The Richardson-Denish Administration is cementing for itself a legacy tarnished by pay-to-play shenanigans and financial ineptitude,” concluded Cangiolosi.  “Its refusal to adopt policies that would protect incarcerated youth from abuse is yet another reason why New Mexicans are hungry for new leadership.”

There is a serious bottom line here and reveals what must indeed be a national trend with the Dems.  They are so corrupt there is no moral authority.  Nothing matters but their corruption, which is gradually falling apart.  New Mexico is one of the most corrupt states in the country.  If my theory is correct, things are going to be very nasty here.

At least Sarah Palin won’t be alone.  Frankly, I don’t think any Republican will.  If the Dems are leaving them alone, then there’s something they aren’t doing right. We have reached the point where the Democrats are in such trouble, they will do anything – anything to stay in power.


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  1. Bill Richardson has stated that he is unable, unwilling and powerless to investigate or control CYFD for documented cases of perjury, abuse and negligence by CYFD employees; all the way from Santa Fe, up the ladder to Dorian Dodson.
    A school nurse called in a false complaint in Feb, 2006. CYFD conducted an investigation and even though the nurse resigned prior to a meeting with CYFD & school officials, CYFD did not think twice about the questionable character of the nurse. CYFD STILL thinks she is reliable, even though she lied to get her job & the New Mexico State Police felt there was enough evidence to conduct a criminal investigation into her giving insulin to a diabetic child that was hypoglycemic at the time!! The nurse told CYFD that my child had mentioned passing out, but my child denies it. Even though I told CYFD that it was never stated & my child was willing to testify to this in court, Gabriella James, CYFD investigator; Kurt Smith, CYFD case worker & commiter of sexual harrassment; Ernest Pacheco, guardian ad litem; Detective Jon Boerth, Santa Fe Police; and all other state employees that were involved were too incompetent &/or arrogant to even consider asking my child if the statement was true. To this day, all these idiots either believe the statement was true or they know it wasn’t true, but it gave them an opportunity to kidnap my child.

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