Misc. Good Weekend Reading


Chuck Bolden to be named NASA Administrator? He says no.

Did you know Republicans are happier than Democrats?  It sure explains how nasty they can be, with no sense of humor!

There is an alleged “return” of the Montauk Monster, this time in South America – nah, just a sloth.

And there is proof that the mind of man has never really changed, it’s been in the gutter for 35,000 years.  Why expect anything different?

Mark Steyn has a great column!

Lesley has a great link to a ghost hunter’s episode here in NM!  And – more NM UFO Stories!

Speaking of UFO’s there is a story about a major crash in Kazakhstan.

Attack of the stupids!

Major Roman archaeological discovery in – Romania.

We finally have some bigfoot news.

More about Neanderthals

New Dino info