What Happened to Leon Panetta


Lost in the Nancy Pelosi Make a Jackass Out of Myself show is the interesting character of Leon Panetta.

When Obama chose Panetta as CIA director, I think my first reaction was something like we’re totally screwed. Nowhere in Washington can you find a more partisan Democrat than Panetta.  I always viewed  him as a Clinton hack. Visions of a kinder gentler CIA where terrorists were given a suite at the Waldorf and CIA field agents were given the shaft danced through my head.

images2Would someone please tell me what is going on here?  The crazier Nancy Pelosi sounds, the more she lies about the CIA, the stronger Panetta comes.

Is it possible the man is a closeted Patriot?

No one is really talking about the fact that Panetta has chosen to stand up for the agency he now administers.  Nothing could thrill me more, considering the fact that once upon a time I had a cousin who was there at the beginning of the founding of the Company.  We will never know what he did, other than the things we gleened from a few of his more humorous stories.  The character of Col. Flagg on MASH was “based’ on Tom.  During the Korean War, he was the agent assigned to that part of Korea, and had no end of stories about the 4077.  He found the fact that one of Col. Flagg’s alies’s of “Captain Perkins” absolutely hilarious, considering that Perkins was his last name.

We were told about the different attempts on his life.  His niece and I were able to discover that some of the adventures of James Bond were based on Tom’s exploits.  He had no use for the Bond series, snarling ever time they were mentioned, quite contemptuous of the whole glamour spy genra.

During the early days of the Iranian hostage situation he was visiting my parents.  I remember one evening we were watching the news.  Something came on the screen.  I was talking to someone.  Tom barked a brisk ‘shut up’.  He listened to what was going on, then slammed out of the house, returning several hours later.  We never knew…

One of the more interesting incidents we experienced was when my mother decided to take in an Iranian college student during Christmas.  Our church was hosting froeign students during the holidays.  The previous year we (my sister and I)  had a blast with a really cute guy from Japan and a very interesting guy from Iran.  (This was way before the overthrow of the country).  Let’s just say this guy is still on the run.  I think he is still alive. If the current government is ever over-thrown, and this guy survives he will probably be in the thick of it.


The following Christmas my mother was approached by a friend at church who said there was a request from a student from Iran who wanted to stay with us.  We soon discovered this guy was scary, fluent in Russian, and kept asking questions about our family, and my cousin.  Growing suspicious, my father called Tom, who told him what to do and say.  The day the guy left, Tom comes for a visit, staying for a few days.  The only thing he would tell us was that the guy was KGB and was after him.

I can write about this because my cousin died of lung cancer many years ago.  But – that’s a different story.

When Panetta was nominated for his position, I thought about all those men and women who were silently doing their jobs.  For all their service, all that would be left of them would be an unnamed star of honor on a wall.  That’s it.  We will probably never know all the things these brave men and women have done to protect their country.  My cousin and I have realized we will never know all the exploits of Tom, and we both feel this is so very wrong.

I was furious about Panetta, the ultimate Clintonite.  Imagine my shock and awe to discover that Panetta was standing up for the men and women of the CIA and not toadying to Nancy Pelosi.  Wow – who would have guessed beneath that Clintonite exterrior beat the heart of a man who is putting country ahead of party!

I don’t know about you, but I find this exciting, and one of the few bright spots in anything Obama has done.  This probably will not endear him to those glorious little liberals who but the Soros dole before country.  But, I think Panetta should be singled out and praised for standing up for those brave, annomyous men and women.

Well done….

On the other hand, this could be an opening shot in a civil war between the Clinton faction and the Obamaites.  I don’t think there is any love lost between Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

Don’t you just love Democrats when they behave naturally?

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  2. No, Leon Panetta is not a closet patriot. Despite the little dust up, to borrow a phrase, Mr. Panetta & Ms. Pelosi are like peas & carrots. It may seem as if Mr. Panetta riding to the rescue of the CIA, is straightforward and chivalrous. But in politics, as in life, it’s seldom that simple. It may appear akin to the showdown in the Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. At day’s end though, it was just a movie. In reality there’s always a back-story: http://theseedsof9-11.com

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