RNC’s New “Daisy” Ad


Can you believe this photo?  It is one of pure ego.  We’re talking a god-complex here.  This is the most telling image I’ve seen of The One.  We’re dealing with someone so out of control and such an ego trip – well, let’s have a little fun with him!

Obama As Christ
Obama As Christ

Sorry boys and girls, but once again it’s blogger confession time. I like baseball movies, I don’t care how bad they are.  I like baseball movies for little kids and I like baseball movies for big kids.  It really doesn’t matter.  It’s about baseball.

Our world has become dark, disorderly, and repulsive, rather like one of those vile Tim Burton movies.  Things that are beautiful, good, decent, and pure are being sucked down the drain of life.  Maybe we really are in a battle of light and dark, good and evil.  Right now dark appears to be winning.

Baseball imitates life.  Right now baseball is going through a dark time.  Baseball movies reflect a return to something “special”, where the little guy sometimes wins.  Baseball is about America and reflects America.

There’s a Disney baseball movie that came out a few years ago, Little Big League. Without going into detail, it’s about a 12  year old kid who inherits the Minnesota Twins from his grandfather.  Doing what I would have done at age 12, he fired the manager and took over, himself.  One of his rules was to make baseball fun again.

We need to make politics fun again.  Barack Obama and his nasty, vicious minions have it a dark, dreary place.  Conservatives have taken a page from his supporters and are apeing them, going one better.  They are as nasty as liberals.

Politics is no longer fun.  It has become a vile, vicious contact sport where there are no rules of common decency, be it the far right or the far left.

What does this have to do with the new GOP ad?

It’s a decent ad.  The problem is this sort of thing needs to be seen on national “regular” television.  It should have been run during American Idol.  I think I now know what is ailing the RNC and my beloved GOP.


No one is thinking beyond the internet now, having been beaten by the internet.  They’re doing things, pardon my language, but as my mother sometimes says, “half-assed”. I’m not trying to fault Michael Steele or anyone else.  It’s just that no one is seeing the whole thing.

Maybe they are, but that’s not what is going on here.  The GOP is so busy reacting, they’ve ceased to take the battle to the enemy.  This ad is a good start, but toss some money into the brink and put it on television at GOOD times.  Run it during the Indy Race.  Run it during NASCAR races.  Get the base ‘fighting’ mad.

Get in America’s face.

Force the Dems to eat their words.

Start having fun with politics again. Barack Obama is NOT perfect.  He’s NOT a god.  He’s a very flawed egomaniac.  Let’s start making fun of him.  Treat him like they treated GWB.  Take the little jerk out.

BTW – We also need to do the same thing with Nancy Pelosi.

We need to remember that politics in this country is a heck of a lot like baseball.  Let’s make it fun again.  We need to remember that Barack Obama, is not perfect and can be defeated.

New GOP Ad

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