Kills With One Bite


What do you do when  “endangered” animals are terrorizing an entire village?  Do you kill them, or let them kill people?

There are times when one simply wonders what the animal rights people are thinking.  Take the Komodo Dragon.  Those things are deadly, not cute and cuddly.  Science has recently discovered just what it is in their bit that is so deadly.


“..”We’re so afraid now,” said 11-year-old Riswan, recalling how just a few weeks ago students screamed when they spotted one of the giant lizards in a dusty field behind their school. “We thought it was going to get into our classroom. Eventually we were able to chase it up a hill by throwing rocks and yelling ‘Hoohh Hoohh.'”

Then, just two months ago, 31-year-old fisherman Muhamad Anwar was killed when he stepped on a lizard in the grass as he was heading to a field to pick fruit from a sugar tree.

Even park rangers are nervous.

Gone are the days of goofing around with the lizards, poking their tails, hugging their backs and running in front of them, pretending they’re being chased, said Muhamad Saleh, who has worked with the animals since 1987.

“Not any more,” he says, carrying a 6-foot-long (2-meter) stick wherever he goes for protection. Then, repeating a famous line by Indonesia‘s most renowned poet, he adds: “I want to live for another thousand of years.”…”

Talk About a Dirty Mouth!