“My Cold Dead Hands” Thus Quote Ben Stein


Did you know that Adolf Hitler once designed cars?

Sunday evening I was driving through town (I know, big mistake).  I started looking around at the vehicles and realized 75% of them were either gas guzzling SUVs like mine or pick-up trucks.  I’m not seeing as many Hummers as in previous years, but there are just as many trucks and SUVs.  Granted this is a holiday weekend and half the vehicles I saw contained the vile and obscene “T” word – “T – O – U – R – I – S – T”.

I think because we’re talking tourists, it’s even more important.  People traveled to Lincoln County in their pick-up trucks and their evil SUVs. They are safe.  They are roomy.  You can get the whole ‘fam’ in them and your luggage.  As I kept watching traffic and parking lots, once again I realized how completely out of touch Barack Obama and his minions are.  They have no idea what is going on in this country or how “real” Americans live.

I also realize how absolutely idiotic these people are.  Does Obama realize that people travel in their cars.  Unless this is some socialistic consipracy to keep Americans from traveling, then it proves the man is, as my grandfather Froehlich would say, “as useless as tits on a bull”.

The other day I heard Ben Stein say that the only way Barack Obama was going to separate he and his Cadillac is to remove it from his “…cold dead hands…”.  You know, I feel the same way about my 1998 Durango.


Barack Obama wants to transform the US Auto Fleet into something that will make the Mini-Cooper look like a stretch limousine.  Barack Obama knows NOTHING about the United States (let alone the Constitution). He knows nothing about the American people and our love affair with our cars.  (Can you explain any other reason I keep my treasured 1989 LeBaron Convertible Series B in my carport, and refuse to allow anyone to touch it, let alone drive it?)


Doug Ross has something I’ve been thinking about for several days.  Will the American people buy the snake oil from the traveling flim flam sales-person or will they do what I think they are going to do – opt to either keep their gas-hogs, rush out to buy vehicles before the new idiot standards kick in, or buy used “gas-hogs”? 

Why I Drive a Gas Guzzling SUV
Why I Drive a Gas Guzzling SUV

He is also doing some excellent work on how the new Obama No Riders are death traps.

Then again, have you heard the one about the 100MPG Hybred Hummer?

R. H. Higgs thinks we will never reach Obama’s requirements.

“…By proposing a set limit for economy on all classes of passenger vehicles, Barack Obama has basically said one of two things: In 2016, he wants only economy cars to be sold in the US or he is instructing car companies to squeeze gas from a stone. Since he cannot change the laws of physics, I envision the date those proposed standards take effect will either be repealed by the next administration, or continually be delayed…”