Proof Ron Paul Bots & Libertarians Out to Destroy Lindsey Graham!


Egged on by the Ron Paul Bot minions of hate, conservatives have once again decided they hate Lindsey Graham and want to destroy him.  They don’t know why.  They have never bothered to go beyond the irrational hatred Rush Limbaugh has for him.  They’ve never bothered to ask why Michelle Malkin hates him so much.

Right now there are some conservative, libertarians, and Ron Paul Bots who aren’t much different from brain-dead Obama supporters.  They’ve surrendered their God-given ability to think logically and as individuals.  Mark Sanford said Lindsey Graham was evil, so they all salivate at Sanford’s every word.  Sarah Palin supporters should also have a hard time swallowing this, because Sanford has been quick to denigrate her, also.

No matter.  According to the Ron Paul Bot, CofCC, Stormfront and Libertarian status quo, Lindsey Graham is evil and must be destroyed.  Considering who the CofCC and Stormfront is, I’ll make my stand with Lindsey.

Want to know what all that hate Lindsey Graham business is all about?  Ron Paul Bots and Libertarians have it out for him.  Both groups are working together in order to make it look like he is the problem and they are the solution for the GOP’s mess. Mark Sanford fell for the whole manipulation and  he is being manipulated by the whole bunch.  Funny, but it’s all about Lindsey taking on SC Neo Nazis who were really going strong in 2007.   There is also a very strong connection with the CofCC and Stormfront.  These vile people have been after Lindsey since he called them down several years ago.

Don’t ever think this is about libertarians.  The same people who are now Ron Paul Bots, were involved with the whole CofCC and Stormfront hate protest of Lindsey.  It is about very bad people trying to destroy very good people.

“…Several Republicans had lead us to believe, that if we got involved in the Republican Party, that we could make a difference in the way that Ron Paul was treated. Several Republicans had lead us to believe, that if we got involved in the Republican Party, we could restore the Republican Party to principles that they still claim to represent.  Perhaps these dedicated Republicans did not speak to Lindsey Graham. How much “lesser” is “the lesser of two evils”?
The SC state convention was the SECOND time that Lindsey Graham had “thrown down the gauntlet” to the Ron Paul supporters. This was a repeat of his conduct at the Greenville County convention:…”

I’ve been telling Pink Flamingo readers for ages that those opposing Lindsey in South Carolina were not REAL Republicans, but Ron Paul Bots and Losertarians. Do you really want THIS taking over the Republican Party?

“…SC Successes in the Ron Paul Freedom Movement
There is an old adage:
“If you are not catching flak, you are not over the target.”
Well, we have been hitting the target on a regular basis.
Enough so that Senator Lindsey Graham made a desperate attempt to stifle us at the SC Republican State convention.
He had with no success.  He was booed, jeered, and heckled.
Then Governor Mark Sanford fired back calling himself a libertarian….”

This nasty little canard is the perfect example of what a Republican is NOT and what a true Losertarian is.  Thanks to Mark Sanford, Losertarians everywhere are doing their very best to destroy Lindsey Graham, who may be one of their worst enemies.

“…Lindsey Graham does not speak for the GOP, but his attitude seems to be prevalent in the Republican Party.  And Graham is wrong as wrong can be and the GOP would do well to turn to the Libertarian Party for some ideas on how to save this country.  But Graham is more intent on the one thing that destroys not only parties, but individuals as well and that is the need to win at any cost.  Giving up principles and values should take priority over winning.  The GOP held Senator John McCain up and have had held up other left leaning Republicans because they think that is the way to win.  And Graham is one of those RINOs, so really this tape is no surprise….”

Randall Hoven’s American Thinker piece is one of the best commentaries I’ve seen to date about the GOP and “You Might Not Be a Republican“.

“…If you refused to vote for the Republican, a war hero and former POW who had 26 years experience in Congress and one of the more liberal voting records among Republicans in the Senate , because he was too conservative, you might not be a Republican….”

The problem is the Ron Paul Bots.  Ron Paul Bots have attached themselves to a man with a checkered past when it comes to bigotry.  They, and the bigoted likes of Michelle Malkin have NEVER forgiven Lindsey for telling the truth about neo-Nazi racism in SC, instead, manipulating the truth into something they are lying about.

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8 thoughts on “Proof Ron Paul Bots & Libertarians Out to Destroy Lindsey Graham!

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  2. The campaign for liberty is a movement for small government, sound money, and the promotion of freedom (both economic and social). Trying to smear the movement as being a front for racists is (frankly) immoral and speaks poorly to your character. To use your own word, it truly looks to be an example of a vile person seeking to destroy good people.

    Does being a real Republican mean that you support the massive expansion of the federal government by trillions (yes, trillions) of dollars (like Lindsey)? Do REAL Republicans throw out $800 billion dollars in bank bailouts (like Lindsey)? Do REAL Republicans have a history of running of the debt (like Lindsey)? I don’t think so.

    You know, you’re right. Pink Flamingos are at best tacky. Sometimes, it seems, they are hateful.

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