World Nut Daily Does It Again


Earlier today I welcomed FaultlineUSA to the growing club of those who are no longer conned by World Nut Daily.

“…But oddly that link was broken. Apparently the page had been removed.

Since I don’t trust anything from WND, I decided to read the bill for myself. From what I could discern it looked to me that the “crack” WND “journalists” had totally misread the bill.

Yet by Sunday evening over 7,980 blogs parroted this bogus story peddled by the World Net Daily.

Sher Zieve author, political commentator, Staff Writer and Program Director for The New Media Alliance (, at least had the common decency to admit to the error of spreading the bogus story and removing the article….”

Faultline has more.  “Enjoy”

The Pink Flamingo has been complaining about WND for ages.  You might also want to check out Con Web Watch.  It is liberal, but very revealing.