Obama & Conservatives Back GOP Into Corner


Do you remember back, once upon a time, when we had a great POTUS?  Remember how the Dems went after both the Roberts and Alito picks?  Remember the GOP response?  George W. Bush won the election.  Elections matter.  George W. Bush should have his SCOTUS picks confirmed.  Remember how everyone complained when so many of his judicial choices were held up for political purposes?

The door swings both ways.

(Just wait until Immigration Reform hits the big screen in a theater near you, and you will see how badly conservatives are ruining things for the GOP.)

It is about power.

It is about destroying the Republican party any way possible.  It is about conservatives with a far different agenda lying about their political affiliations in order to destroy the GOP and promote what appears to be an increasingly racist and white supremacist agenda.  It is about Ron Paul Bots trying to take over the GOP.  It is about dishonest libertarians like Glenn Beck trying to do anything possible to destroy the GOP.  It is about the intellectual dishonesty of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and the canards of Michelle Malkin.

I swear they are playing right into the hands of Barack Obama – if not working indirectly with him.

One of these days Hispanics are going to be the majority population in the US.  Several years ago, George W. Bush and Karl Rove were doing great, making inroads bring Hispanics into the GOP.  Then came immigration reform, and the little minions of hate promoting immigration reform as if it were a mainstream idea within the GOP.

The problem was the little punks who were promoting immigration reform were NOT Republicans, but were the usual talking radio heads, almost all of whom are either libertarian or “independent”.  But – by the time the finished, and by the time Rush shot off his big mouth the damage was done.

They’re doing it again.

It really doesn’t matter what Republicans in the Senate do over Obama’s newest chess move, for that is what it is.  They’re basically damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  Sonia Sotomayor, on the surface is a fantastic choice.  Right now Barack Obama holds the GOP in check – thanks to the hard right anti-immigration (please me use the word “freaks”) forces that basically destroyed the Hispanic vote for the GOP.

Rush Limbaugh is already being accused of being racist.  I heard what he said and it wasn’t racist.  Egotistical, but not racist.  This evening, Hannity was on the brink of his rabid anti-Hispanic racism, complaining about the “Latina” pick.


Barack Obama won the election.

Pick your battles.

Deal with it.

Too bad conservatives can’t be as rational as Lindsey.

“…Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who does sit on the judiciary panel, was more guarded in his response to Obama’s choice of Sotomayor as the first Hispanic nominated for the high court.

“I do not know Judge Sotomayor,” Graham said. “I look forward to meeting with her and discussing the important issues confronting the court.”

Graham was among the Senate Judiciary Committee members Obama called last week to discuss his pending high court nomination. Graham was out of the country Tuesday, but his aides said they didn’t believe Obama had named Sotomayor during their phone talk.

Graham said he intends “to be fair and firm in (his) questioning of the nominee” during the committee confirmation sessions.

“The hearings can be a valuable public service, as they give us a window into the nominee’s philosophy and disposition,” Graham said. “I hope we will have a meaningful opportunity to explore the qualifications, judicial temperament and judicial philosophy of Judge Sotomayor.”…”