Is Tiller Story More Important Than Army Recruiting Murder?


Where is the outrage over the political and religious motivated murder in Arkansas?  Who will be blamed?

“…Thomas said police recovered three guns from Muhammad’s black Ford SUV: an SKS semi-automatic rifle, a .22-caliber rifle and a pistol….”

Please, show me the outrage?

Where did the killer of  William Long learn his hate?

Both George Tiller and William Long were murdered over religion.  Both men were murdered by fanatics.  How much have you heard about the killer of William Long? Will Political Correctness mask the real story here?

Both men were killed for political and religious motives.

Both men are haters.  Both deserve what ever fate awaits them, and I don’t approve of capitol punishment.  Right wing idiot Randall Terry (NOT a Republican, BTW) says Tiller was “asking for it”.  Right Wing Watch is also blaming Bill O’Reilly for targeting Tiller and making his life a living hell.  Ezra Klein of the WPost wants to know what Congress is going to do about Tiller’s murder?

“...There is an impulse to understand George Tiller’s murder as a horrific, but comfortingly aberrational, act of extremist violence. That is the wrong way to think about it. Tiller is not the first abortion provider to be shot to death. Hell, this wasn’t even the first time an anti-abortion extremist tried to shoot George Tiller to death. In 1993, Shannon Shelley traveled to Tiller’s clinic and shot Tiller in both arms with a semiautomatic pistol. Scott Roeder’s contribution was managing to actually kill him….”

Liberal author Ann Freeman is demanding something be done to protect men like Tiller and a woman’s right to have an abortion. You gotta love the left.  They’ve stepped in this one, big time.

“…Tiller’s death is a wake-up call to the fact that our existing laws and regulatory bodies to protect against clinic violence aren’t working as well as they should. As written, FACE provides a lot of protection for reproductive health providers. But we need an active task force — or some other means of accountability — to make sure the law is fully enforced. This is something Obama’s Justice Department could commit to doing tomorrow, sending a strong signal that this type of domestic terrorism is not acceptable….”

So what about the targeting of a military recruiter by an Islamic terrorist?

Nah, never happened.

The problem for the Left and for the Dems is the fact that William Long was murdered by a convert to Islam who hates the military and the US.    If Scott Roeder is considered a terrorist and a hater, then Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad should be considered the same.  There was no difference, other than Roeder is “far right” and “conservative” and Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, is Islamic.

Right now Obama is sucking up to Islam, so you will probably never hear about Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad and the reason he murdered William Long and seriously wounded Quinton Ezeagwula was because of HATE and RELIGIOUS TERROR.

Scott Roeder was a far right hater, in all likelyhood acting on his own.  I’m not so sure about Muhammad.  Little Rock cops said he acted alone.  He is being charged with 15 counts of  committing a Terrorist act.