New Nessie News


Has Nessie finally been caught on sonar?  This time a large group of people, the cast of a film, were witness to some strange sonar images.

5688photo2“…The sonar reading, which illustrates five individual characters, was recorded at precisely 11.20am between Dores village and Urquhart Castle. According to Jacobite Queen captain John Askew, it was the first time in his 15 years working on the loch that he successfully picked up images of this kind on any of the Jacobite fleet’s sonar screens. The Loch Ness Project’s Adrian Shine, an expert in sonar who has been studying the loch since 1973, could not explain the sighting. He said: “This has got me puzzled and has every appearance of a genuine sonar contact. A single object often appears again, as an echo….”

channel-creatureIs Nessie the Channel Creature?

“…Fifty years ago sightings of the Loch Ness Monster or ‘Nessie’ were common and few Scottish locals doubted the presence of an exotic water creature in their locale which might have been the last living member an isolated relic Plesiosaur population. Sightings of Nessie have decreased over the last few years and extensive and thorough scanning of the Loch Ness by scientists and researchers have failed to produce any evidence of Nessie. This has led many to believe, sadly, that this gentle, secretive creature had passed on. Now, astonishingly, frequent sightings are being reported of a creature living in the English Channel that appears, judging by images (picture above, video below) captured by astonished witnesses, to be similar in form to Nessie. This cryptid has been dubbed ‘The Channel Creature’….”