Part II: Are You a Lindsey Graham Republican


Have you ever known someone who honorable and so determined to do what is right, they end up sometimes not doing what is best for them?  Well, that’s South Carolina’s Senior Senator Lindsey Graham.  He’s so pig-headed, and such a pit bull when he locks on to something, that if he thinks something is right, he will stick with it, even if it proves costly to himself.

Immigration reform is the perfect example.  Lindsey was denigrated by conservatives the world over for his defense of Hispanics in South Carolina.  He received a special award from La Raza, which was also denigrated by the likes of Michelle Malkin and her mindless followers.  They made fun of Lindsey for saying that he was not going to let the “bigots” win, not even bothering to delve into what he was discussing.  BTW – he was discussing anti-immigration neo-Nazis and white supremacists in South Carolina who were promoting hard-line immigration reform, but that did not matter.  All that mattered was the fact that people like Malkin still think that Lindsey Graham is evil and must be destroyed.

Too bad they don’t know the real Lindsey Graham.

Of all the elected officials who can discuss Sonia Sotomayor’s compelling “life story” it is Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.  No one – no Democrat or Republican in Washington or on the national scene has a more compelling life story than does Lindsey. I don’t know many elected officials on the national scene – ever – who have had a more compelling life story than Lindsey.


The problem is Lindsey Graham doesn’t use his story as a crutch, or an excuse, or a way to get votes.  If he were a Democrat he might.  But Lindsey is a Republican.  He is a responsible adult, a man who had to grow up very early in life in order to take responsibility for an aging father who was ill, a cancer ridden mother, and a much younger sister.

Do parts of his story sound familiar?

In many ways it isn’t much different from the fab, celebrated lyric life story of Barack Obama.  Only there is one huge difference.  Lindsey Graham did not blame the world. He did not become an activist or a community organizer hanging out with individuals who hate our country.  He did not act like a spoiled child of fairly well off grand-parents, which Barack Obama actually was.

No, Lindsey grew up very quickly.

Lindsey came from what would be considered a working family.  His father owned a bar and pool hall in Central, South Carolina.  His family did not have jobs like Obama’s grandmother, who was the VP of a bank.  They were ordinary working people, struggling to make ends meet.

Lindsey’s mother died of cancer while he was still in college.  His father did not last much longer.  Their medical expenses were in the up there in lights.  Did Lindsey demand socialized medicine?  Did he blame his plight on those who had more?  No, he rolled up his sleeves and went to work.  He adopted his younger sister and arranged for her to live with his aunt and uncle who were very kind, hard working people.

Instead of hanging out with terrorists and damning the United States, Lindsey too went to law school.  As soon as he graduated he joined the Air Force.  Lindsey is a patriot who loves his country.  Before he went off active duty, Lindsey was one of the top prosecutors in Europe for the Air Force.

He paid off all of his parents’ medical debts.

He made sure his sister was loved and well cared for, paying for all of her expensive.

He never once blamed anyone.

In South Carolina, that’s life.  You don’t complain.  You don’t wring your hands and see how much you can con out of the government.  You go to work.

Once back home after a very successful military career, Lindsey joined the Air Force reserves.  He joined the law firm founded by one of my father’s closest friends.  He never thought about politics.  He didn’t even know what party he was in, until Ed Mitchell went calling.

Ed Mitchell was the chairman of the Oconee County GOP.  He was also a power-house when it came to candidate recruitment.  In a very short time he had Lindsey signed up as a Republican – running for the SC state house!

Around that same time Lindsey took on a case involving a young man who was mis-treated in a local emergency room.  The physician involved had been a very good friend and neighbor of his law partner for a good 25 years.  His wife was my mother’s best friend.  His daughters were the best friends of my sister and I.

As a litigator Lindsey is a pit bull.  Family alliances were destroyed.  Friendships were frayed.  in the end, Lindsey won.  Our friend was no longer able to practice medicine.  During that time frame one day I gave Lindsey one of my infamous “tongue lashings”.  It wasn’t nice.  Neither was I.  Not long after the incident I learned something that completely changed the story.  Once in awhile I do take responsibility for my bad behavior.  This was one of those times.  I apologized to Lindsey.  Also by that time we had become friends, despite the lawsuit.

My apology cleared the air, and did one other thing. His reply to my apology convinced me that he is one of the most honorable, if not THE most honorable person I’ve ever known.  He knew the story, knew the truth, and allowed me to defame him, even in public.  Why?  Lindsey Graham did not want to speak ill of this person to me, instead allowing me to defame him and eventually learn the truth.

That is the behavior of a man.

Lindsey is a Christian.  He loves the Lord.  He believes in Prayer.

He believes in honor, America, and patriotism.  He has served our country honorably.

Lindsey is a self made man, taking charity from no one, asking for none, paying off bills he could have ignored, and turning his life into a great success story.

He took responsibility for his younger sister.

If Lindsey isn’t the perfect example of a Republican, I don’t know who or what is.  To hear conservatives malign, denigrate, and lie about him is difficult.  He is a friend.  I don’t like to see people mistreat my friends.

Lindsey Graham is one of the most honorable, decent men who has ever served in Washington.  To me, he is the perfect Republican.

He is pragmatic, unafraid to rock the boat and take a stand on a subject that is not popular.  He tells the truth.  He is so honorable that he will allow himself to be mistreated the way the anti-immigration supporters such as Michelle Malkin, the Ron Paul Bots, the CofCC, and Stormfront do rather than support the forces of evil.  He takes the long, winding road that is not easy to travel.

I don’t know of a better example of a true Republican, a true patriot, or a true American.

He makes people like Malkin, Rush, and the far right non Republican hacks who criticize him look like the very small, bitter people they actually are.

It’s too bad conservatives don’t have the honor, decency, and honesty to stand up for men and women who are the finest examples of the character that has made this country great.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a Lindsey Graham Republican.  Being a Lindsey Graham Republican is no different from being a Ronald Reagan Republican.  It’s the same thing.

It really doesn’t matter if certain conservatives criticize Lindsey for being a “RINO”.  In Lindsey’s case, it is not because he isn’t conservative enough, but because he refuses to bow to their demands.  Lindsey does not compromise what he believes even when it would be easier for him to do so.  He is one of the few elected officials who chooses honor and integrity over political expediency, no matter how badly conservatives treat him.  Then again, liberals treat him the same way.  Evidently he’s doing something right.

If Lindsey Graham believes he is right, it doesn’t matter how badly he is treated.  It doesn’t matter what people say about him.  It doesn’t matter how badly he is threatened.  He is going to stand up for what he thinks is right, no matter what the consequences.

He’s what I call a real American and a true patriot.  I wish the rest of our elected GOP officials had half his honor and integrity.  He has standards and he knows how to use them.  It’s too bad “conservatives” who denigrate him don’t have even a small percentage of his standards, honor, integrity, and decency.  We would have a better party and a better country.

P. S.  If Lindsey does have a dirty little secret, it’s golf.  He’s basically addicted.

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3 thoughts on “Part II: Are You a Lindsey Graham Republican

  1. Well, despite his “compelling” back story, he is flat out wrong on the issue of immigration. Illegal immigrants deserve and should get NO BYES in the matter of immigration, which is what Graham and others of his stripe are really arguing for when they disnigenuously brand those who support LEGAL immigrants and condemn outlaws with a blanket “anti-immigration” label.

    Call me :anti-immigration” if you will because I believe eve3ry single solitary business that employs illegals should be handed the largest fines possible and the owners/managers charged with facilitating the criminal actions of their employees; that ALL illegals should be denied ALL public services; that any and all illegals who are caught having participated in identity theft should have everything they own confiscated and given to the person(s) they have wronged, etc.

    OTOH, like most who abhor the outlaws who disrespect the country they claim to want to live in with every breath they take, I believe that those who seek LEGAL immigration should not be shackled with undue burdens because of the wrongs committed by an overwhelming number of their countrymen who have “cut in line” ahead of them by cheating their way in.

    BTW, what do you do about immigration? I have coached LEGAL immigrants seeking to pass their citizenship exam, taught school in a barrio (where the LEGAL immigrant parents wanted their children taught in English)–what do you do?

    I can respect Lindsay Graham for his back story. I cannot respect his disingenuous tarring of those who oppose ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS with a broad “anti-immigration” brush. When he does so, he is simply being dishonest. Oh, and BTW, Malkin and others aren’t against immigration as a whole, and claiming such is simply not worthy of you.

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