Part III: Are You a Lindsey Graham Republican


I have a tendency to judge conservatives by what they say about Lindsey Graham.

It’s a friend thing.  I know Lindsey.  I know about his character,  honor, decency, and patriotism.

When someone says nasty things about your friends, how do you feel?

That’s the way I feel when someone attacks my friend, Lindsey. It makes me mad, especially when people are lying or saying vicious things that are very far from the truth.

One of the things that I’ve noticed is we’re not talking real Republicans.  We’re talking Ron Paul Bots, third party losertarians, and even worse, the CofCC, Stormfront and their little neo-Nazi counterparts.  One of the groups who was after Lindsey several years ago, the CofCC, had their little actions against declared a hate crime by the ADL.  Then there is Marcus Epstein.  The little guy was working with Buddy Witherspoon, who decided to take Lindsey out in a primary.  He’s going to be sentenced for Hate Crimes in a few days.

We are having a real problem with libertarians who detest Lindsey.  There are so many non-Republicans online, lying about their affiliation with the GOP, that comments like this are becoming a serious problem for the whole party.  I agree with Lindsey.

“…Lindsey Graham does not speak for the GOP, but his attitude seems to be prevalent in the Republican Party.  And Graham is wrong as wrong can be and the GOP would do well to turn to the Libertarian Party for some ideas on how to save this country.  But Graham is more intent on the one thing that destroys not only parties, but individuals as well and that is the need to win at any cost.  Giving up principles and values should take priority over winning.  The GOP held Senator John McCain up and have had held up other left leaning Republicans because they think that is the way to win.  And Graham is one of those RINOs, so really this tape is no surprise….”

We have many conservatives who have made serious problems for the GOP with their comments about Sonia Sotomayor.  They’ve made the GOP look like racists.  Maybe Lindsey is the person who should take point on this story.