Sarah Palin Is Evil and Must Be Destroyed – for Twittering!


Have you noticed how certain conservative factions are trying to push Sarah Palin out of the POTUS running for 2012?

Just asking.

Let’s see what’s going on today.  Sarah Palin lies. Do you realize she’s lying on those Tweets of hers about being cold?  Of course she did not start Twittering until after said incident….Too bad those lying Democrats who are doing Obama’s dirty work can’t get their story straight.

The Future POTUS, Trig, and the Dude
The Future POTUS, Trig, and the Dude

Are you ready for this %$#&!   Obviously we are dealing with liberals who have no grasp of reality.  Now she’s evil for Twittering?

“…It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the inimitable Governor of Alaska these days, as she’s Twittering and issuing statements on her official State of Alaska web site, (paid for at taxpayers’ expense, of course, including a series of posts about hockey games!), and also blogging (yes, she’s a blogger now, too) on both her Facebook page and her SarahPAC web site, the latter of which is being funded by contributors across the country as Ms. Palin continues to maneuver herself, haphazardly as it may be, into a run for the presidency in 2012.

And through it all she continues to delve in a disturbing duplicity, spewing lies and half-truths at she takes potshots at President Barack Obama, the man she accused of “palling around with terrorists” on the campaign trail last year. As the great Italian-American philosopher Yogi Berra once remarked, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”…”

She’s bad.  She’s evil.  Oh, and she beat the you know what out of yet another Obama Blogger.  Not only are liberals minding her business, but now conservatives are telling her what to do.  The really interesting part here is that she’s still being treated like a half-person because she is a woman.  Nothing she does will ever be good enough for some people.

Obviously they don’t know “Our Sarah” or they would know she is going to do what SHE wants to do, and no one is going to hold her down or put her down, now matter how hard they try.

It just dawned on me that this woman needs to hit the self-help motivational speaking circuit.  She could make a fortune telling other women how to stand up for yourself when it looks like most of the world is against you.

Talk about strong!

Then there is this…. What if a certain Alaska Senator was having lunch with a certain nasty little snit who keeps filing ethics complaints against Sarah Palin?

Eddie Burke Takes Out a Palin Denigrator!

“…The complaint was filed by Linda Kellen Biegel, an Anchorage blogger who claimed Palin had a conflict of interest because the jacket she wore to the start of the 2,000-mile Tesoro Iron Dog snowmobile race in February was emblazoned with the name “Team Arctic….Palin’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, said the Biegel complaint cost the governor and the state thousands of dollars to address. He didn’t know exactly how much, but said it was less than $20,000.

“Our concern is that the public could lose confidence in the ethics process when the process is abused,” he said Wednesday. “The ethics act is important to good Alaskan government, but it was never meant for partisan purposes.”

Biegel said she was “extremely disappointed” but not really surprised to hear the complaint had been dismissed.

“My first reaction is that the governor’s pretty much got this whole process sewn up,” she said.

Biegel had alleged that Palin improperly used her position as governor and state resources for her personal financial interests by being “a walking billboard for Arctic Cat.”

The personnel board’s independent investigator, attorney Thomas Daniel, said there was no evidence Palin used her position for personal gain. He said there was no sign that Palin or her husband received anything of value in exchange for the governor wearing the jacket at the start and finish of the race.

The Arctic Cat sponsorship was valued at $7,500 in 2007, according to Palin’s financial disclosure for that year. Daniel said the value of the 2008 sponsorship is not yet available, but added it’s irrelevant because Palin had no agreement with Arctic Cat to wear the clothing.”


One thought on “Sarah Palin Is Evil and Must Be Destroyed – for Twittering!

  1. Sarah Palin is on a roll, crushing all the frivilous “ethics” complaints, her great speech in Evansville, a terrific speech at the Reagan event a few days ago, her book deal, 3 excellet pro-Palin editorials in Investors Business Daily in the last 3 weeks, her statement on George Tiller, followed the next day by her statement about the murder of Pvt Long, she’s taken on 0bama over missile defense cuts, deficit spending, and energy as well. Todd has appeared in Esquire, Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, and The New Yorker. Even Bristol’s recent interviews went well, and she got a quite favorable write up in People magazine. Under her leadership new oil drilling is taking place at Pt Tompson. Now, she’s in NY for 3 events, an Autism Walk, Auburn’s founders day in which she will give 2 speeches, and be in the parade, and then the Independent Group Home Living foundations event. All events where she can really shine.

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