The Red Heel Diary – Don’t Think This Woman Isn’t Running


The other day she was sporting very high bright red platforms!

Before leaving Alaska SP hit Obama with both barrels.  Ron Devito has the story on his blog.

If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.  The legendary Debbie Reynolds (mother of Princess Leia) is finally doing a cabaret show in New York.  She is not the headliner though – not for Cindy Adams.  The headliner – is Sarah Palin!  A year ago the likes of Cindy Adams had no earthly idea who Sarah Palin was.  But – we did, didn’t we!?!

Certain parts of New York State are on 24 hour Sarah Palin Watch!  She’s been sighted at a local eatery.   She’s the special celeb super-star guest at the City of Auburn NY’s Founder Day.  (cool).    She visited the Harriet Tubman House – she is SOOOO running.

She’s going to go to a Yankee’s game with Hizhonor.  You think she’s not running?  Sarah and Rudy – now that’s a combination I could truly back!

For those who think Sarah Palin is NOT running for POTUS, that’s fine.  The Pink Flamingo only deals with reality.  The reality of the world is the fact that it is rather obvious this woman is stepping out (in red heels – again) to show the doubters of the world just how strong, bright, and informed she is.

I think the thing that terrifies liberals the most when dealing with her is the fact that Sarah Palin is so far superrior to their current messiah incarnate it is – well – laughable.   In many ways Sarah Palin is the Anti-Obama.  Where Obama is all narcissism and flashbulbs, she’s playing the whole game low-key.  Detractors may laugh at it, but there is nothing wrong with low-key.  Low-key makes a statement.


Now, in one of the lowest blows, fired Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan is accusing Sarah Palin of not using a car-seat for Trig.