How Far Will the Left Manipulate Tiller’s Murder?


During a far left radio show the other day, Dr. George Tiller’s colleague Dr. Susan Robinson compared those little white crosses used to promote anti-abortion with the burning cross of the KKK:

“…So, these anti-abortion protesters—and let’s not call them “pro-life.” You know, they’re not pro-life; they’re anti-abortion. These anti-abortion protesters would come every morning. They had little kind of holder locations drilled in the grass in the easement between the sidewalk and the street, which is city property. And I don’t know how many, over a hundred, 150 or so, I would guess, and these are little receptacles where they would put crosses. And so, as the patients would drive up to the clinic, they’d be faced with this forest of crosses….

They [city officials] said the crosses are not signs; they’re religious symbols. Well, I think they’re religious symbols like a cross on the lawn of a black person that you set on fire is a religious symbol. I mean, they were not being used as religious symbols….”

When one considers that a tremendous amount of  far left money comes from Christian – hating George Soros, just how far will he want them to go damning the Christian Cross?

Will they eventually try to make the Christian Cross – our everyday cross I wear every day – a symbol of hate?