NRCC Insults Palin to Promote Gingrich


There are two big questions:

NUMERO UNO:  Is Romney or his people behind this latest dissing of Sarah Palin?

NUMERO DOS:  What is the possibility of a Palin-Giuliani ticket?  It sure works for me!

Palin-Giuliani 2012?
Palin-Giuliani 2012?

Then there is a third question:  Does Newt really think he’s going to get any women to vote for him after this one?

Once again the idiot Republicans in the House have blown it.  They’ve thumbed their nose at Sarah Palin because she would upstage Newt.  Of course she would.  Sarah Palin is a super-star.  Newt Gingrich is a has-been.  Sarah Palin can upstage Obama when she’s ready to do so.

Photos from NY Post
Photos from NY Post

Sarah Palin is the future.  Newt Gingrich is the past.

Does the NRCC actually think I’m going to give them money?

HINT:  I’ve already maxed out for SP’s defense fund.

A comment over at Conservatives4Palin mentions she should show up tomorrow and steal the show.  Not only should Sarah show up, but she needs a drop dead red dress that takes no prisoners.  I do hope she is familiar with the story of Esther.

If anyone still thinks there isn’t an old boy’s club in the House, when it comes to Republican women, please, think again. Pete Sessons just proved my theory that all the average (elected) Republican male thinks women are for is securing the punch and baking the cookies.

Yes, The Pink Flamingo sounds a bit bitter.  It’s all about oceans of punch and billions of cookies.  It is obvious the insecure male egos of the NRCC don’t have the courage to deal with the Palin Juggernaut and the implications there-of, including the fact that the 2012 GOP standard-bearer could be a woman.

Makes you wonder what they’re going to do to screw her out of that, doesn’t it?

Sarah Palin was scheduled to speak at the Monday night’s gala, then Pete Sessions decided she would upstage poor widdle Newt, so he screwed her over, canceling her perviously scheduled slot.

“…But then a finance official with the NRSC called Palin aide Meg Stapleton Saturday night to say that Sessions didn’t want Palin to speak.

Recounting the conversation Sunday, Stapleton said she told the NRSC staffer: “Why, at a time when we’re trying to build the party, would you pull a move like that on somebody who earlier in the day just attracted 20,000 people?”…Malek, for decades a major behind-the-scenes player in the GOP, made note of his disappointment that Palin was not coming.

“Sarah Palin is one of the most popular and magnetic figures in the Republican Party, and it would have been great to see her at the House-Senate dinner,” Malek said. “But I guess it’s just hard in the final days to adjust a program that has been carefully developed weeks in advance.”

Niceties aside, this latest snafu involving Palin and the national party apparatus has left both sides deeply irritated.

Tired of being derided as the gang that couldn’t shoot straight, Palin officials want it known that they were not responsible for this latest mix-up. They say the governor was happy to appear and fire up party loyalists, but that, yet again, GOP operatives and officials in Washington would just as soon try to marginalize her….”

Palin in NY

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  1. Un-freakin-believable. I was already thourougly disgusted with the party before, but I am going to going to tell them to lose my number. Better yet, after my Tea Party, I’m changing my number (and it’s unlisted!).

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