Barack Obama’s Very Bad Monday


I guess it’s just another Monday for Barack Obama.  Have you noticed how the man does NOT live a charmed or blessed life?  Interesting.

Well, today is a great day – if you are a Republican and a Sarah Palin supporter.

First, the Dems lost the NY SenateMakes you wonder why.

Second, the Court upheld Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Third, a monkey wrench has been thrown into the Chrysler-Fiat deal.

Fourth, SCOTUS has reminded POTUS that we do have a Constitution.

Fifth, (doesn’t this just keep getting better) Rasmussen has some very good new GOP #’s.

Sixth, conservatives in the UK are doing rather well, to say the least.

Seventh, people are finally figuring out how Obama and his people threaten through his enemies list.

Eighth, opposition is beginning to his socialized medicine.

Ninth, your biggest enemy is gaining power by the day.

Tenth, he got busted for lying about GWB and GM!

Monday Monday

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