Bay Buchanan Defends Marcus Epstein


Sometimes you just gotta love these people and their abject duplicity.  Then again, I am thrilled that we are finally starting to see the real face of Tom Tancredo, Pat Buchanan and Bay Buchanan, and it is racist, but then again that racist face is probably hidden under a pointy white sheet.

I know that was a cheap shot, but these people deserve a cheap shot once in awhile.  To date, Marcus Epstein is still working for that trilogy of twisted twerpness.  Young Master Marcus Epstein has been convicted of assaulting an African American woman and is awaiting sentencing for hate crimes.

The Pink Flamingo has a history with Young Master Epstein and is not at all devistated at the recent development.  Bay Buchanan is defending this little bully, using the usual excuse that his racial make-up precludes him from being a racist.

She wrote:

“…What happened next was a modern day lynching by a faceless, angry, ignorant mob who reveled in the collective assault on their victim.  They had wounded an adversary and drawn blood — without pausing to ask how so talented a young man could have found himself in such a mess….”

The kid is depressed.  He has a drinking problem.  Because of his bi-racial mix he can’t possibly be racist.  Yada Yada Yada.   Sorry, I know people who have drinking and depression problems.  I don’t think, to date, they’ve assaulted anyone.  Besides, if Bay Buchanan truly cared about this kid she would quit making excuses for him.