The GOP’s Anti-Palin Agenda Exposed


The Hill is announcing the following:

“…Sarah Palin has begun to get on the nerves of Republican senators who say the former GOP vice presidential nominee is taking her own White House aspirations entirely too seriously. …”


Evidently the Republican Senators who don’t like Sarah Palin could be staunch supporters of Mitt Romney.  Take Jeff Sessions…

“…In the 2008 presidential primaries, Sessions supported former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R). When Romney dropped out of the race, Sessions would not endorse Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), though he did say he “strongly supported him.”…”

Now, back to The Hill:

“…For Monday’s high-profile fundraiser, NRSC Chairman John Cornyn (Texas) offered Palin a seat at his table and organizers discussed the possibility of her making an appearance on stage. But NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas) objected to the arrangement, according to a source outside the NRCC but involved in planning the dinner. Sessions may not have wanted Palin to overshadow former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), who had raised a significant share of money for the multimillion-dollar dinner. The dinner organizers asked Gingrich to deliver the keynote address after they failed to nail down a firm commitment from Palin….”

Did Sarah Palin snub the GOP and storm out of the dinner?  This US News & World commentary goes against every personal story I’ve seen this weekend, and heard first and second person about Sarah Palin graciously meeting and greeting people – including just about everyone in a room.

There are two versions of the story.  Either the GOP snubbed Sarah Palin or she is a vile evil you know what who snubbed the GOP.  I think the version one chooses to use deals with a proximity to Mitt Romney or brain dead supporters of Barack Obama.  Most thinking Republicans realize that Sarah Palin is the future of the party.

It is also apparent someone has gone  to a lot of trouble to try and make trouble between Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich.


Aren’t you as curious as am I about who within the GOP is trying to make trouble between Sarah Palin and Newt?

The Politico’s anti-Palin agenda was finally exposed at the big NRCC fundraiser Monday evening.  Conservatives 4 Palin exposed the dirty story.

Time has an interesting take: as first reported by Politico

“ first reported by Politico, after Palin was informed Saturday that she could come but would not have a speaking role, her staff angrily said she likely wouldn’t attend the dinner. Cornyn reached out to her personally on Sunday to try to change her mind, and on Monday, Sessions was also reportedly working overtime to try to persuade the popular Republican to attend the event. By late Monday afternoon, Palin had reportedly decided to attend (though not speak at) the dinner….”

Is The Pink Flamingo the only one starting to smell a widdle Romney rat in the woodpile?

Take a look at the headlines:

Politico:  Sarah Palin Makes Little Splash at Dinner

CNN:  Palin Center of Attention at Big GOP Dinner

Ummm…which is it?  Was Sarah Palin a total bomb at the big dinner or did she do the Esther thing and steal the show?  According to CNN she stole the show.  In fact, CNN reported:

“…It was the only table in the vast ballroom that had a crowd gathered around it — and despite their distance from Palin’s table, multiple television cameras kept their lenses trained on the governor for much of the night…”

The Politico then gets caught in a great big lie:

“…If she hadn’t walked quickly across the stage at the outset and if her presence hadn’t been mentioned briefly in the remarks of some of the evening’s speakers, it would have been hard to know that she had, in fact, shown up….”

Now back to CNN:

“…The guest list included 33 Republican senators and Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele. Sen. John Cornyn, who as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee helped organize the dinner, sat with Palin and her husband during the event.

Cornyn briefly acknowledged Palin when he appeared on stage to thank his Republican colleagues for their work on behalf of the party.

“Thank you for being here with us tonight,” Cornyn told her. “Thank you for your leadership, we appreciate it every much.”

Gingrich, the event headliner, also thanked Palin for attending. He said “this country would be amazingly better off” had McCain and Palin been elected….”

I don’t know about you, but this sorta makes me wonder about a few things.  Rumor has it that The Politico is in the tank for Mitt Romney.  Is it possible the Politico has been behind some of the anti-Palin nonsense and behind the NRCC mix-up?   To make matters worse, even the WPost said she stole the show.