Sarah Palin’s Red Pumps & Pedicure v. Michelle’s Million Dollar European Vacation


Why are there two sets of political rules, one for going to extremes trashing Sarah Palin and one for everyone else?

Have you wondered why the left is hammering Sarah Palin a little worse than usual?  I was going to fall for the whole thing, then something over at Flopping Aces caught my attention.  What if all the nastiness against Sarah Palin was to keep attention off the fact millions of taxpayer dollars are being shelled out so Michelle O can have a First Class European Vacation?


Yes, Sarah Palin has a pedicure. She likes very high red shoes.  She has her toenails blinged. She has red hair.

So what?

(I have red hair, bright red toenails, etc.  I guess I’m a slut, too?)

Does that entitle David Letterman to suggest that she looks slutty or make a comment about one of her children that is beyond bad taste.  Yea, she’s a Christian and a Republican.  You can do and say anything horrible about her you want.  BUT – don’t go after a candidate’s children, unless that candidate is Sarah Palin.

Or does that entitle the Today Show to have a comedian who suggests she is like herpes?  If you are going to go that far, I think Barack Obama is like that old fashioned leprosy from Biblical times the Plague.

See Flopping Aces:

It’s all about Michelle’s European Vacation, closing Westminster Abby so she could tour without the smelly little people near her.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m furious.  I think the level of indignation at Hillbuzz is just about right.  The thing that bothers me is the fact that Letterman would corrupt himself by suggesting a young girl be corrupted.  When you do that, you’ve gone beyond what is acceptable.  But the poor child has a mother who is not only an evil Christian but an evil Republican.  It’s okay to destroy her.  After all, the end justifies the means, right?

Where does this all stop?  When are we going to have enough of the perverted hatred of anything and anyone decent that is threatening to destroy this country at the seams.  Right is right, wrong is wrong, and suggesting that a child …. well, it is evil.

As for Michelle?  I suggest while in Europe she remember the fate of one other arrogant young ruler who suggested the starving people of her country eat the soot that was caking the inside of dirty chimneys. It was called cake.


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