In “Defense” of David Letterman


I have no doubt Letterman and his writers were thinking about 18 year old Bristol Palin when the joke heard round the world backfired.  I also have no doubt he was “honest” when he said he would never harm a child with the innuendo.

And – that’s the problem.

It’s the arrogance stupid.

Sarah Palin is a Republican.  She is a Christian.  She has the same vile, disgusting morals and ideals we stupid, hick Christians and Republicans have.  We’re backward, and not the least bit sophisticated.  At least Sarah Palin is from Alaska, and people generally recognize Alaska as a state.  Sophisticates like Letterman probably don’t realize New Mexico is an actual state – BTW.

They assume we are bigots.  They assume anything bigoted stated by one of the enlightened was simply put the wrong way.

They assume we are the unwashed masses, lacking deodorant, tooth paste, proper hygiene, that we copulate with our siblings, marry first cousins, and shoot buck-shot off the front porch at will.

They assume we spit T-baccy juice from between the gaps of our rotting teeth, buy our clothes off the rack at Wallyworld, and only know how to write with large crayons.  (I’ve only purchased clothing once at Wallyworld and that was for a 14 year old  girl who needed a wardrobe for camp.  I spent about $800 on the kid).

They assume we use religion as an opiate, drive like Dukes of Hazzard, and run around in our Daisey Dukes.

They assume we dunk our fried chitin’s in bacon grease and cover it with catsup.

White men are bad, evil, and grotesque.  They should probably be deleted from civilized society.  They have no feelings, and have been the oppressors for way too long. They need to be brought down apeg or two.

The worst part of all of this is the fact that people like David Letterman (I was once such a huge fan) don’t think they are doing anything wrong.  They think that people like Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Lindsey Graham, etc. are beneath contempt.

I truly believe they think we are sub human. It is the only viable explanation. John McCain may think the Palins deserve protection from the filth that comes out of the mouths of liberal comedians, but he’s wrong.  After all, he’s part of the unwashed.

If you denigrate someone long enough, attempting to make them into a laughing-stock, the assumption is that said victim will then be destroyed, rendered impotent, and thereby they can be tossed aside like the trash you think they are.

The process is to belittle.  Then you batter.  You harass.  You tell the victim they are not good enough for some reason.

It is called A – B – U – S – I – V – E.

The left uses the same tactics on conservatives and Republicans as a battering spouse uses on his/her victim.

Today Rush Limbaugh mentioned something rather fascinating.  He dates the rise of abuse back to around 2003 or so.  I think he’s probably right about the date.   Rush pointed out that the abuse is only getting worse.  He’s right.  Like a true abusive partner, until the cycle of abuse is stopped, it continues until the abuser can completely destroy the object of his/her abuse.

Is that what the left is attempting to do?

Are we going to let them?

Or, are we going to continue to simply allow them to push us around on an hourly basis?

WARNING:  The following quote of a comment from the SC Blog Sunlit Uplands is basically filthy.  I do not use this kind of language on The Pink Flamingo, but I think it is a perfect example of the love the left has for the right.  It is what we deal with on a daily basis.  I usually delete this kind of a comment from The Pink Flamingo, but the feature from Sunlit Uplands is just exactly what I need for this post.  You see, we, the unwashed masses, have no feelings, so it really doesn’t matter what liberals say.

“…I mean really, what the f*** is wrong with the people of South Carolina? You want us to overlook the fact that you started a civil war, you elected this prick to the United States Senate for 47 years, you elected this ass hat Governor, you put this slimy bastard into the U S Senate after that prick, and that you still want to fly this above your state capitol building. Any of these 5 things would force most people of sound thinking to avoid your mostly backward ass state; but for some reason people have been willing to overlook these. Maybe it’s because of your golf courses or maybe your very nice beaches. BUT NO MORE! I am telling the state of South Carolina to go to hell until you remove that slimy, two faced, double talkin, lie with a straight face, partisan hack, Lindsey Graham from the United States Senate…”

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