Sotomayor = Good, Palins = Evil


Sonia Sotomayor’s brother Juan is absolutely furious over the way his sister is being portrayed and the way Republicans are treating her.  ABC News just had a big radio feature about it.  I don’t blame him.  That’s his sister.  He should stick up for her.


When it comes to Sarah Palin, it is open season.  When it comes to Sarah Palin and basically anyone who gets in Barack Obama’s way, there are no rules.  There is no morality, there is no honor.  All that matters is the absolute scorched earth destruction of any opposition.

It has reached the point where I have little if any sympathy for ANY liberal or Democrat who might come under scrutiny of conservatives or Republicans.   We need to stress, though, that there is a difference between scrutiny and attack.  When it comes to Democrats, all that matters is a little pin-light of examination and we’re talking the spotlight of horror and cruelty.

Just saying someone is “_____” (pick a topic) if they are a Democrat is akin to hate speech, racism, and the utter destruction of life ever-after.  The smallest little criticism is viewed as an attack.  On the other hand, the most vicious attack possible against a Republican, say on the order of what went on with Sarah Palin these past two days – well, we’re just being too sensitive.

There is something seriously wrong, corrupt, and like Sarah Palin said, “perverse” of people who will stop at nothing to destroy the reputation, career, character, and the future of oposition.

It is one thing to execute these attacks.  It is another to turn a blind eye to them, rationalize, or excuse them.  Both processes are simply evil.  There is no other word for it.

When did it become acceptable to basically stoop to any level to destroy one’s opponant or someone who is an inconvienence to you?  What level of corruption allows something like this to occure, time and time again?  Is a person required to sell ones’ soul in order to participate in the little game, or do people go willingly?

Winning is one thing, but winning at all costs, no matter what is another.  That is the world of the George Soros funded Democratic machine and the world of Barack Obama.  When the world willingly goes along with such behavior, how do you stop it?

Perhaps the only way to stop it is to constantly put a spot-light on it, and keep demanding people decide between good and evil.  If not, if we do not stand up for what is right and honorable, we are as bad as are they.