Bitter Nasty Liberals Just Grow Uglier With Time


David Letterman’s treatment of Sarah Palin is only the tip of the iceberg.  If we were simply talking about one person and one moment in time, but that’s the problem.  It is not simply one moment of time.  It is constant.

The discovery that James Von Brunn was a liberal is not going over very well, and has led to additional accusations from the liberal end of things that conservatives are out of their mind.  They refuse the accept the possibility that Von Brunn was heading to the offices of the Weekly Standard instead of the Holocaust Museum.  What if that were indeed the case.

Von Brunn is also seriously anti-Christian, along with seriously anti- Semetic.

“…Although the hate crimes industry lumps neo-Nazis and White Nationalists in with the “Religious Right” – and occasionally, FrontPage Magazine, the better to smear you with – few Americans realize the true believers are not merely non-Christian but anti-Christian. Like their predecessors, they trace Aryan downfall to “culture distorters” (guess who?) – and among the largest “distortion” is the replacement of warlike Germanic gods with Jesus Christ, the Messiah promised by the Jewish Scriptures. Von Brunn dedicated Kill the Best Gentiles to the late professor Revilo P. Oliver. Typical of Nazis, past and present, Oliver branded Christianity a “Jewish cult” and “spiritual syphilis.” Brunn’s follows suit. He shuns the words of the Bible, exhorting his readers: “Remember, these delusions of grandeur were written by HEBREWS about themselves. Megalomaniacs of such magnitude generally are manic-depressives confined to insane asylums.” (p. 31.) His distaste for their Deity could hardly be more evident:…”

It’s all Rush Limbaugh’s fault, right?