The GOP Has a New Leader –


The GOP has a leader….

For several months there has been weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth over the lack of leadership in the GOP.

SarahCuda is Back!

I think our new GOP leader has just stepped up to the plate, and knocked it out of the park.  Just like I knew she could.  The CNN interview is masterful – Saracuda is back!

I think Race42012 has it right:  Just call her MADAM PRESIDENT!  The CNN interview Sarah Palin did with Wolf Blitzer is masterful.

Gateway Pundit

Revenge is a dish best served cold:  Gateway has the transcript:

“…Hey Matt… Matt… OK Matt I would say that you and anybody else are extremely naive to believe that very convenient excuse of David Letterman’s. It took him a couple of days to think of that excuse and ‘Uhhh… No, he wasn’t talking about my daughter that was there with me at the game, the 14 year-old. He was talking about some other daughter.’ Well I think it was a weak excuse and regardless it was a degrading comment about a young woman and I would hope that people would rise up and decide it’s not acceptable. Why do young girls have such low self-esteem in America when we think it’s funny for a so-called comedien to get away with making a similar remark as he did….”

Evidently there are a few brave souls within the MSM who are starting to realize they’ve treated our first woman POTUS like dirt, and may be running for cover.  Newsbusters has a fascinating transcript from MSNBC.