The Uncivil Culture War From the Left


If you’ve not noticed already yet, we are in the middle of a very serious culture war, brought on by the Left.  It wasn’t really a war until the Right decided to fight back.  There’s one thing about liberals you may not have noticed.  They do not like to be corrected.  Like your usual bullies, they do not like having their defects pointed out, even in a charitable manner.

And, like the uncivil, wild animals that they are, they DO NOT like losing.  They want to dominate.  Anyone who does not bow to their wishes is derailed, degraded, denigrated, defiled, and defeated.

Suddenly though, those of us on the Right have started righting back.  Those nasty cornered animals are furious, and getting very, very ugly. There are so many examples of their ire.

Even liberals who do good, have no tolerance for the right, and have a tendency to lump everyone who does not fall, slobbering over their great godlike leader as something far right, evil, and rotting with some violent desire to do what ever is possible to stop them.

Like The Pink Flamingo wrote last night, the left – Democrats – have evolved into creatures that are basically no different from an abusive spouse or partner.  They bully.  They practice irrational and almost violent criticism.  They lie.  They will do AYTHING in order to defeat the right.

There is nothing rational about their behavior which is now bordering on “evil”.  Never mind the abject corruption of top Democrat leaders.  All that matters is power, abuse of power, and the abuse of anyone who tries to take that power away from them.  Just ask Sarah Palin if you don’t believer it.

The left has reached the point in their hatred of anything and anyone who dares to oppose them that their attacks have become more vicious, ugly, and irrational.  The only way they can be appeased is to have two different levels of society, them and us.  They are allowed to do and way anything they wish, but we must simply sit quietly, be as invisible as possible, and never ever get in their way.  Or else!

The left can “dish it out” but they sure can’t “take it.  Corrupt, they expect everyone else to be.  Those who are not, who disagree with their nastiness are treated like dirt.


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