Making Letterman Pay for His Mouth


The Pink Flamingo does not agree with those who are calling for David Letterman’s ouster.  I did not agree with those calling for the firing of Don Imus.  Everyone has the right to make an ass (Democratic party mascot) of themselves on national television.  I wonder if some people don’t think it is their God given Obama given right.

It would be much more fun to see Dave be forced to cough up some obscenely large amount of cold hard cash to groups who help girls Willow’s age.  In many ways these are the “forgotten” kids, over-looked, ignored, and need so much help.

One thing hit home with Sarah Palin’s comment about Letterman’s remarks.  Girls who are Willow’s age (early teens) have a terrible time with self-esteem.  Fact is, it is an extremely serious problem that can lead to psychological repercussions for the rest of a woman’s life.

I know, it sounds dramatic, but then girls that age are.  They are a mass of estrogen.  Their little bodies are developing much faster than they know how to deal with them.  We hear a lot about boys that age and the problems they have, but don’t hear much about that horrible gawky age girls experience.  They are ugly glasses, braces, pathetic hair, and hideous make-up disasters.  Just picture Jan Brady.

You may even know, remember, or have been one of those girls.  We all went through the stage.  It’s hard to find a girl that age because they are doing their best to be invisible. The average girl that age, if she has begun to “develop” is hiding in her coat, jacket, or lose clothes that are several sizes too big for her the way my sister did.  I was a pillow clincher.  I’d sit down and embrace a pillow, holding it tightly.

Or, if a girl doesn’t “develop” the way my best friend did not, they go to outrageous lengths to get there.  We’re talking tissue stuffed in bras, strange exercises, and a whole encyclopedia of self-esteem issues.  Only the “fast” girls, who had come to terms with their womanly wiles quite early were sure of themselves.  You may remember them quite clearly.  Most of them were pregnant by the time they were 16.  When I was in school they were the drop-outs, burned out and looking like they had been rode hard and put up wet by the time they were 30.

(I had one of those wonderful times of self-satisfaction seeing one of those girls years later.  By that time we were both in our mid-30s. She looked like the worn-out whore she actually was.  I looked 15 years younger.  There was this moment of recognition and realization when our eyes met.  I ended up feeling sorry for her as I watched her lite one cigarette after another and lean into the window of a beat-up pick-up truck, trying to settle a problem with a drugged out creep).

The worst thing anyone can do to a girl Willow’s age is single them out for a comment like the one Letterman made.  We all know he was trying to attack Bristol, which is yet another story, and back-tracked, but that’s not the problem.  Obviously Letterman has never been around girls Willow’s age.  If he had, he would have known how absolutely horrible – a fate worse than death – unless signed out for having been seen on the arm of someone just like so very like so like so very like dreamy.  Then, it’s okay.

I’ve spent years working with girls this age.  They are 90% drama queen and 10% toddler taking their first steps into a grown-up world.  They can’t deal with things like this.

It is all about the destruction of innocence through derision and laughter.

This evening David Letterman apologized. I do not know what is in his heart, so I will not condemn it.  I do not think he should be forced out of his job.  I do think he should be required to make some huge donations to organizations that help girls who are Willow’s age.