The Not So Great Little Dictator


Today The One (dictator) decided he is going to take over financials services.  I thought a “sweeping” new credit card bill was recently passed, etc, but what do I know. I’m just a stupid Republican who believes in Freedom, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  Silly me.

Chris Matthews now compares  him to Jesus. But, he will fail.

He can fire officials at will, and no one will challenge the legality of it – maybe.  Come on, The One (perfect) is above it all.  He can do what-ever he wants, when-ever he wants!  Do you really think anyone is going to question him?

He is above the Constitution, which he constantly trashes.

Crybaby will not attend the US Conference on Mayors because he refuses to cross a picket line.  I guess that does prove the unions control him.

Like John McCain says, there is a serious leadership problem when it comes to Iran.

Then there is the whole ABC issue, which Dems are “sure” ABC will allow equal time to the GOP – and I know a bridge in SF…  The GOP knows what is going on here – Obama News All the Time!

The Not So Great Little Dictator hates FOX News.  I wonder what he is going to try to do to close it down.  Maybe we should call him the Crybaby in Chief!

“…“I’ve got one television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration…That’s a pretty big megaphone. You’d be hard pressed if you watched the entire day to find a positive story about me on that front,” Obama said….”

Let’s face something. Barack Obama doesn’t give a rat’s fat (Democratic mascot) for this country. He doesn’t care about a thing but himself, his power, and stripping those who have something from their hard-earned property. How long will it be before he and his goons start coming to round us up as “terror suspects” for indefinite detention.

Are we in the process of watching the Zimbabwefication of the United States, where those who have are removed from what they have, and their property allegedly given to the under class, when it is given as political bribes and gifts to his supporters. Or – are we watching simply yet another history is cyclical trip into the Roman Empire where Barack Obama is Caligula (without the sexual connotations).

This despotic little speech in Cairo proved that Obama is an ego driven megalomaniac, lashing back against those who oppose his will.

Is Barack Obama Robert Mugabe, Caligula, or Don Vito Corleone?

I truly think he dislikes America to the point of hatred. Why else would he constantly denigrate our nation. He doesn’t care about the “Average” American. Haley Barbour calls him a “snake charmer“.

1. Will he take away our guns?

2. He has lied about American investors – stripping them of their property.

3. Does he want Americans to die by terror?

4. When does he start detaining his political enemies as “terrorists”?