Destroying Palin Through Laughter, Derision, and Death of Innocence


I just finished listening to a remarkable CD by Rabbi Danial Lapin.  Clash of Destiny is a remarkable teaching from the Torah about Israel and Islam.  It is eye opening and a remarkable history of Israel, Islam, Nazis, Wagner, The Ring, and how words work in ancient Hebrew.

There is a word, and don’t ask me that word, spelling, etc. but it is used in Genesis, Chapter 21 about laughter.  The reason Ishmael was sent away with Hagar was because he was corrupting young Issac with smutty jokes, mocking laughter, and teaching him about sex when he was quite young.  He was corrupting an innocent child, destroying his relationship with God.

Mocking laughter, jokes, and smutty talk is what is being used on Sarah Palin in order to destroy her.


Sarah Palin is a goodly woman, honorable, innocent, decent, and worthy.

The evil that is within the “left” must destroy her – her innocence and her goodness must be turned into objects of derision.

The worst thing here is they’re not only after Sarah Palin, but any Republican woman who has the courage to step up to the plate and swing for the fences, and not look like a dour liberal Democrat. Look how they treat Michele Bachmann.  The woman has the courage to speak out when no one else will.  She gets the Katherine Harris treatment – treated like dirt.

The left has come up with a formula of destroying through snide ridicule and degrading laughter.  They are using that and harassing attacks against conservative women, almost to terrify them into getting out of politics.  Fortunately we have women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann who aren’t running.

Let’s face the fact that the left detests our good, decent Republican women because they are good.  They are decent, honorable and worship and honor the Lord.  They are being smeared by entities who cannot understand what it is like to be that sort of a woman.  I guess the way I feel is when women like Sarah Palin are attacked, I’m being attacked, too.